Monday, 18 May 2015

Summer time animal print

Summer time animal print

Animal print is my all time favorite print, particularly leopard print I can't get enough of it! I have enough pieces in my wardrobe that I could actually dress head to toe in the stuff (I wouldn't though that might look a bit silly) I mostly wear animal print in the autumn/winter as it's quite a dark print and I find it hard to match with my summer wardrobe. Well that was until I discovered this ASOS animal print t-shirt dress, I don't usually wear red but I just love this take on leopard print with the clashing green it really gives it a bit of edge. T-shirt dresses are my current favorite type of dress at the moment, they are so easy and comfortable to wear! In the day I would throw it on with a pair of sandals, pumps or brogues and at night add a statement necklace and some heels! Done!

Primark circle sunglasses

Asos leopard dress
Gold zara shoes

For me animal print in the summer should be bright or worn with bright contrasting colours especially neons to keep it looking playful and fresh.

If you are not brave enough to rock a summer time animal print dress or if it's a bit much for you, then how about to your accessories or shoes? An animal print bag or belt is a great and easy way to add a small statement to your outfit. 

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Monday, 11 May 2015

Hair Chalk - GREEN hair

hair chalk green hair

"I want green hair today mum" announced Tiger at the weekend. He's seriously into Teen Titans Go and his favorite character is Beast Boy (a green superhero, with green hair, that turns into green animals!) I'm guessing this was his style inspiration. I love a bit of dress up so was happy to oblige. I wouldn't use any heavy harsh products or chemicals on his hair and would want it to wash out easily, I think green hair would probably be frowned upon at school come Monday! Plus I still have my box of hair chalks from when I experimented with blue hair myself, so it wasn't a big deal to do. 

green hair

green hair chalk

Hair chalk is really easy to apply, which is brilliant as although Tiger had the ingenious idea of green hair he wasn't interested sitting around for ages while doing so! To apply all I had to while he fiddled around on the iPad was dampen the part of his hair we wanted to chalk dye green and rub the block of chalk to it, considering how dark and thick Tigers hair is it took pretty much within the first few strokes although we added a few more layers of chalk colour for a brighter green and if it was for myself I would have added a few more layers so it was more vibrant. It is pretty messy so I wore gloves and Tiger was in an old t-shirt, although it does wash out easily I didn't want to take any chances. The instructions say once fully dried to use a hair straighter to seal in the colour, I skipped that part as I wanted it to wash out easily with just one wash which was fine for just wearing it for the day. We washed it out at bath time which was quick and easy and Tiger was super impressed by the green bath water. 

I personally love using hair chalk on my own hair for an instant quirky hair colour. It's a bit messy to apply and would take quite a while applying to the whole of my afro so I'm quite happy just doing sections of my hair be it strands, ombré or just a braid. Tiger loved his green quiff, much cooler than 'Beast Boys' all over green hair do. Apparently he's have red next time.
Green boys hair


Tuesday, 5 May 2015

5 Ways to Cheaply update your home for Spring/Summer

I like updating our living space to match the seasons and I couldn't wait for spring to come as I was growing tired of all the red, faux furs and cinnamon smells around the house. Although I loved it in winter I'm so happy seeing flowers bloom, having lighter warmer evenings in the garden and sunnier days out.

When we moved to our new home in August last year we decided to paint the walls white with the odd feature wall in the bedrooms but keeping the furniture quite neutral so that if we did get bored of the decor we could easily change it quite cheaply by just changing the soft furnishings. And this is what I do with the change of seasons, I simply pack away cushion covers, heavy blankets, wintry smelling candles and seasonal wall hangings and trinkets and replace with pieces that feel all spring like. 

Here are 5 ways to update your living space for Spring/Summer. 

Cushions -  Bright colours are a favorite of mine at the moment and colourful cushions are the easiest way to inject colour into your home whatever your colour scheme. I prefer my cushions to be a mishmash of patterns and shapes but I try to keep to a few colours. My motto for cushions is the more the merrier! 

1. Cushions

Candles - I love scented candles and burn them on and off throughout the day. Yes they are lovely for creating atmosphere in the evening but they also great during the day. I like to spend a little more and buy good quality candles. I think of them like perfume, you get what you pay for. Saying that TK Maxx always have a huge range of quality candles at discounted prices. I never buy the same scented candle, it all depends on my mood but at the moment I love this Thai Lily & coconut it reminds me of summer also the colour of the wax itself is gorgeous! Try to stick to scents that you love in Spring or Summer be it fresh lining hanging on the washing line or flowers.

2. Candles

Flowers - flowers are a must, I buy a bunch of flowers each week and again they change depending on my mood but I prefer simple understated flowers and I try to make them stretch as far possible. I often pop some of the cuttings in a mason jar or interesting beer bottles and dot them around the house to add a bit of spring every where! If you prefer your blooms bright then this is another easy way to add colour to your home.

3. Flowers

Prints - As if I didn't have enough flowers in mason jars around my home I need prints of them too. Colourful spring/summer themed prints can be cheap and easy way to add a bit of spring/summer to your home. If you're a creative type why not design and print your own. It doesn't have to be anything fancy what about some typography "Hello Sunshine" in a bright yellow font, simple but looks great when framed.

4. Prints

Fireplace/ Display Units - Go crazy! I change what I display on the fireplace on a weekly basis. It could be a spring themed bit of art Tiger has made at school or a hand picked bunch of daisies Beaux has given me. I',m also a sucker for fairy lights no matter the time of year but these flower fairy lights look great during the day too and have a real feeling of spring/summer.

5. Fireplace/Displace Unit

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