Monday, 11 May 2015

Hair Chalk - GREEN hair

hair chalk green hair

"I want green hair today mum" announced Tiger at the weekend. He's seriously into Teen Titans Go and his favorite character is Beast Boy (a green superhero, with green hair, that turns into green animals!) I'm guessing this was his style inspiration. I love a bit of dress up so was happy to oblige. I wouldn't use any heavy harsh products or chemicals on his hair and would want it to wash out easily, I think green hair would probably be frowned upon at school come Monday! Plus I still have my box of hair chalks from when I experimented with blue hair myself, so it wasn't a big deal to do. 

green hair

green hair chalk

Hair chalk is really easy to apply, which is brilliant as although Tiger had the ingenious idea of green hair he wasn't interested sitting around for ages while doing so! To apply all I had to while he fiddled around on the iPad was dampen the part of his hair we wanted to chalk dye green and rub the block of chalk to it, considering how dark and thick Tigers hair is it took pretty much within the first few strokes although we added a few more layers of chalk colour for a brighter green and if it was for myself I would have added a few more layers so it was more vibrant. It is pretty messy so I wore gloves and Tiger was in an old t-shirt, although it does wash out easily I didn't want to take any chances. The instructions say once fully dried to use a hair straighter to seal in the colour, I skipped that part as I wanted it to wash out easily with just one wash which was fine for just wearing it for the day. We washed it out at bath time which was quick and easy and Tiger was super impressed by the green bath water. 

I personally love using hair chalk on my own hair for an instant quirky hair colour. It's a bit messy to apply and would take quite a while applying to the whole of my afro so I'm quite happy just doing sections of my hair be it strands, ombré or just a braid. Tiger loved his green quiff, much cooler than 'Beast Boys' all over green hair do. Apparently he's have red next time.
Green boys hair


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