Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Boys Ripped Jeans

Boys in ripped jeans, love or hate the look? The Mister isn't a fan of heavily ripped jeans on anyone and I quote "looks like they were making themselves a pair of shorts then ran out of time! " but Tiger loves the look and always has! In fact he was wearing ripped jeans well before they were trendy!  The boys ripped jeans he is wearing in these photos weren't actually bought that way, These skinny H&M boys jeans are customised by Tiger himself! One too many 'run and skid' on those poor little knobbly knees!

What started as a small hole has gradually gotten bigger and bigger! The Mister asked Tiger if we should throw them out and Tiger looked at him as if he was mad! He told him that he's been working hard on making then bigger and now they are just the way he likes them, his absolute favorite jeans! That shut him up! I'm not sure it's the look of the ripped jeans that Tiger likes I think it's more that he can rip, pick and pull at them as much as he likes and I want moan at him and give him that speech about respecting and looking after his belongings. I love them and love when he has any opinion on what he wears as up until recently he didn't really care what I put him in as long as it didn't itch, wasn't pink or uncomfortable, he's pretty easy going and laid back in general so I think ripped jeans are a perfect look for him. 

I think there are so many different looks you can create with ripped jeans, Tigers favorite is a slogan or character t-shirt, ripped jeans and converse which such a relaxed look but I will also dress him smartly with a polo shirt, ripped jeans, braces and converse (he's in converse 80% of the time!) they are so versatile! 

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