Sunday, 19 July 2015

Cropped Tops and Curves

I've seen loads of cropped tops in the sales recently and I usually just skip right past them. I had it in my mind that cropped tops was for the sixteen year old me, the one with a flat defined stomach, the one that didn't mind showing off a bit of flesh.But actually even with curves I have now I can still happily and confidentially rock a cropped top but just styled differently.

Okay so my low rise jeans and teenie tiny cropped vest tops might be long behind me but a 3/4 cropped top with just a peek of tummy can still work and actually made me feel quite daring and EVEN a bit sexy!. Mostly of my jeans, skirts and shorts are high waisted. I find high waisted much more flattering on my shape and gives me much better waist definition as it holds everything in. So when wearing a cropped top I would team with high waisted on the bottom half.

As the cropped top I am wearing in the photos is tight(ish) I decided to wear it with a floaty maxi skirt to balance out my top half and hopefully make me look a little less boobie. Had the cropped top been less fitting or possibly oversized I would have worn it with jeans, flared jeans and an oversized off the shoulders cropped top looks so lovely and really feminine.  

If you still find that even a 3/4 cropped top is too much flesh for you then you could try wearing it teamed with a blazer or denim jacket/shirt with roughly rolled sleeves for a much more casual look.



  1. You look amazing, it really suits you xx

    1. Thank you Lauren, that's really kind of you x

  2. You Look HOT lady! I might try out a crop top now. xxx

    1. Thanks lovely, you can totally pull off a cropped top x


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