Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Learning to Ride a Bike

I thought this day would never come, the day I could say Tiger has learnt to ride his bike! This milestone is huge for him, he has never been that keen on learning to ride his bike and we've tried absolutely everything, a cool balance bike which looked like a motorbike (hated it, went on it twice!) A police inspired bike with stabilisers with lots of buttons (according to him it was too stiff and he fell off once, yes with stabilisers and never went on again! Far too dangerous!) we even tried bribery but he just wasn't interested in learning to ride a bike. He's always been really good on his scooter, even learning to do stunts and therefore he felt he had no need for a bike in his life UNTIL... his best friend learnt to ride his!

Since Tiger started at his new school back in September last year he has had a group of best friends, there are five of them and they are really close which is lovely. Three of them all ready ride bikes confidently and often ride to school, when he initially started playing with them I thought he would be inspired by them and decide to give learning another go, but nope! Not interested! as far as he was concerned he was 'just as fast as them on his scooter' that was until one afternoon I received a text from Tiger's best friends mum announcing that he could now ride his bike (he was also reluctant to learn, so we were all rooting for him once he began to learn) I told Tiger the good news to which he replied "right daddy when we get home I want to ride my bike" This is what we were secretly hoping to hear. The Mister got Tigers BMX out, another special purchase in hope he would give learning ago but it had barely been touched after the first few initial days. But just like that, much to mine and The Misters amazement he started riding off like he'd been able to for months! It was the weirdest thing, I think through pure determination (and not wanting to be the only one in his group who couldn't ride a bike) he had cracked it! We couldn't have been any prouder of him at that very minute. 

The following couple of weeks he continued to practice up and down the front of our house and to and from school and this weekend we went out for our first family bike ride without him being attached to The Mister's bike. Although he's still a bit wobbly and braking might mean everyone and everything needs to move swiftly out of his way! But it was such an amazing feeling watching him cycling ahead. I honestly thought the day would never come but this was also a great reminder to me that all children are different and reach their milestones at different times, they will get there in the end when they are ready.



  1. Such a huge milestone! We're looking to get LP her first bike in August although I can't imagine her ever learning to ride it properly! x

  2. Well done Tiger! My N only learnt to ride her bike last year, I think some just take a while to get their confidence (and co-ordination in N's case!). xx

  3. Well done! My daughter is seven and still can't ride without stabilisers. She outgrew her bike about six months ago but has not shown any interest in learning. So many kids prefer scooters these days that something has to make them want to ride a bike.


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