Monday, 3 August 2015

Just one of those GOOD weekends

This weekend was one of those weekends you just never want to end, the sun was shining, the little lads were on their best behavior and so incredibly cute and The Mister was on good form, giving me hearty belly laughs all weekend long. Maybe it's because we have officially started our summer holidays with The Mister having two whole weeks off work so we are all really able to relax into it- life feels good. 

On Saturday we had my friends wedding to go to that afternoon so didn't want to venue to far away from home. Tiger has recently started to ride his bike and loves going out for family bike rides and luckily we live close to a lovely river to cycle along. So we packed a few snacks in my basket, a blanket and set off. I'm terrible and always stopping to take photos along the way and came across a lovely full lavender bush near the bank of the river which begged to be photographed. As I was snapping away the owner of the lavender came over for a chat, he also loved taking photos of the lavender with the river as an amazing back drop. He then nipped off and came back with a huge bunch of lavender for me! It was such a sweet thing to do and really made my day. I felt quite the county girl riding along with my beautiful bunch of lavender in my little wicker basket. 

After our bike ride we rushed home to get ready for the wedding, the little lads and the mister wore semi matching outfits and looked gorgeous. I might have cried a little bit seeing the little lads in their braces and bow ties. They were both chuffed to bits to be 'dressing like daddy going to work' although I've never seen the mister wear braces or a bow tie , but I think they just meant smart. 

The wedding was lovely and my friend looked gorgeous, happy emotions pouring from her as she walked down the aisle, just beautiful. At the reception Beaux couldn't wait for the music to begin, I think he may just be a little raver when he's older! For the entire time he spent it dancing in the disco lights! I have no idea where he gets his moves from but he could definitely teach me a few moves! Cutest thing ever!!!

Sunday we collected Violet, we've all missed her especially Tiger, he is so excited that he's got two whole weeks with his sister. We set off to a car boot sale as we all love a good rummage looking for little treasures and we found some beauties! My favorite an Art Deco mirror for only £2!! I hung it as soon as I stepped through the door, it fits in perfectly with my mirrored statement wall.

Lastly we went to see a potential wedding venue! Eek it's perfect, breathtaking views and surrounded by fields of lavender and thistles! We are so excited to get planning. 


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  1. Your wedding plans sound wonderful and you looked beautiful at your friend's wedding - the boys all scrubbed up so well too! x


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