Monday, 21 September 2015

When Summer Meets Autumn Fashion

I can not believe I am already tempted to put the heating on in August! It's freezing! we have already started packing away the tiny shorts, sandals and vests - sad but true, it doesn't feel like they've been out for long enough. However with that said I do try to get the most out of pieces which can be worn into the cooler months with these few mix and match ideas.

Light coloured jeans - Teaming light coloured jeans with a light coloured sweater or over sized knit looks lovely. I'm such a sucker for over sized jumpers and skinnies, literally one of my favourite combos for autumn. The little lads and lass will always wear a light top underneath in the hope of a sunny spell.

Layers - When the light t-shirts are packed away the denim and checked shirts come out to play. Either worn open, sleeves roughly rolled up over a t-shirt or worn underneath a fine knit/sweater, such a cool look!

Canvas shoes - Okay so these will not keep their feet dry when its chucking it down but they can still be worn with trainer socks or thicker socks when its a bit nippy out. The little lads tend to get quite sweaty clammy feet so canvas shoes are the most comfortable for them. They don't tend to switch to boots until its officially winter. 

Tights - Is the easiest way to hold on to those summer dressss and playsuits. Simply swap bare legs for tights and sandals to ankle boots, pumps or trainers and you can get another couple of months wear out of them.

Tip - If you are looking for a bargain get over to eBay to buy your winter coats now. Summer is the best time to buy winter coats when everyone else is thinking about/mourning their swimming trunks or bikinis!



  1. What a gorgeous bunch of kiddies x

    1. Thanks, these were taken in our holiday when they were being especially cute! x


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