Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Learning to Ride a Scooter

Another big milestone in our house, Beaux this week finally learnt how to ride his scooter! Up until recently he had absolutely no interest in anything with wheels, no tricycles, no toy cars, no scooters, nothing! The only bike he would ride on was one with a handle that I pushed and if I dare take away the footrest in hope he might actually learn to pedal he would stick his feet out to the side, refuse to even touch the pedal and complain the entire journey!! Fun! So when he asked to try out Tigers hand me down Micro Mini Scooter this week I was so excited that he had even acknowledged it let alone wanting to have ago!

For the first time we went up and down our road at like 0.0001 mph and eventually with plenty of praise and serious over exaggeration on how fast he was going he gained enough confidence to ride his scooter to collect Tiger from school he couldn't wait for his big brother to see him riding his scooter and attempt to ride along side him. Tiger did his part showing him off to his school friends and making him feel like a big boy.

With all this glorious weather we've been having we decided to ride his scooter to feed the ducks. He was so proud of himself "look mama I ride super fast" he's so incredibly pleased with his achievement and it's so sweet to watch. He did really well to get to the river with only one fall, which was a bit of a footballer roll rather than a actual fall, I think he only did it so he would have something to tell the kids at nursery the following day! He made it half the way back and decided he was far too tired to continue so ended up riding it like a skateboard while I pulled him along. Luckily the Micro Mini Scooter is so sturdy and light that it made pulling along quite easy. Glad we can finally tick 'scooter riding' off the list! Hopefully this means we can leave the pushchair at home more often.


Sunday, 27 September 2015

The Style Project Oct and Linky

I can't believe September is almost over and we are already releasing Octobers prompts for The Style Project. For me, September Style Project was all about reaching to the back of my wardrobe and rediscovering clothes I had forgotten all about, planning outfits instead of going to my 'school run uniform' and being a little more creative in what I wear. Although September has been an extremely busy one for me it's been nice having the prompts to give me a little inspiration each morning, so naturally i'm looking forward to October especially as we are now officially in Autumn and I adore autumnal colours.

If you are unfamiliar on how #TheStyleProject works here's the deal - A daily list of prompts will be released each month on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #TheStyleProject, these prompts can be interpreted however you please there's no rules just include the prompt when getting dressed that day. For example Day 1 prompt is 'Mustard' and I am looking forward trying out my new mustard coloured nail polish., I will share my photo on both of my Instagram and Twitter account and hashtag #TheStyleProject that's it! It's really that simple but can make a huge impact on how you feel about the way you look.

Make sure you hashtag your photos with #TheStyleProject so we can see your lovely photos. I love looking at everyone's photos and find Instagram especially has a lovely supporting community, ready to give the thumbs up to 'that colour lippie you've been unsure of'! Come and join in, you don't have to do every prompt, feel free to pop in and out as you please. 

At the end of each month I would like to give a little shout out to my favorite #TheStyleProject photos here on this dear blog you know, share a bit of the love.

Here are my faves from September, it was really difficult to choose as there were so many gorgeous style photos and I am so pleased with how many people were excited that #TheStyleProject had returned and joined in.

From Left to Right - @ameshno1 @mamamibychet @cjkath
@joannewalker62 @stylebeginsat40 @cliodawkins
@kristen_eglan @stephaniedances @reighann1

Want more?! I don't blame you, check out co-host Alice at Project Wanderlust to see her favorites from September.

This month I would also like to introduce #TheStyleProject Linky, link up to 3 of your own style posts below so we all can check them out.


Wednesday, 23 September 2015

5 Ways to Style an Afro

I'm getting well into the swing of things with my natural hair and loving my afro and I'm surprised how many different styles I can create from a curly afro to a blow out, I love just how versatile my natural texture is, I never in my life when I was chemically straightening my hair thought I would be saying that. Here are my 5 favorite ways to style my afro. Normally when I just wash and go my hair is very curly, I usually just pick the roots with an afro comb and done, to create these looks I have picked my hair from root to tip, this gives me a little more length and volume, lots of volume!

The Afro with a Fringe - This is my favorite style and my go to especially on a night out, as the front of my hair has gotten much longer it tends to fall this way naturally so doesn't take too much manipulation.  If yours doesn't naturally fall this way try picking sections from the top and sides to frame your face.

The Afro with a Side Parting - With a wide tooth comb part your afro on your favorite side. I like to brush one side down to emphasize the parting.

The Afro with a headband - I am a headband fiend! I have loads of them! I think they are great way to jazz up an outfit and look lovely on a night out. To create this look, I've parted my hair in the centre and smoothed down with my hands. I have then placed the headband over the smoothed down hair and picked the ends.

The Afro Puff - This style reminds me of my childhood and a firm favorite for projecting the ends of my hair. I scoop all of my hair on to the top of my head and using a hair band (the ones without any little metal bits so they do not pull on my hair) I wrap around, I do not tie the band I leave it loose so that my puff is full and so that I am not putting too much stress on my hair.

The Afro Sweep - Feeling very much the 80s chick with this hairstyle and definitely one for a night out! All I've done to create this look is parted my hair to the side and swept one side to the back of my head and secured with bobby pins, lots of bobby pins!

That's it, 5 simple ways to style an afro. Let me know if you try any and how you get on?

Monday, 21 September 2015

When Summer Meets Autumn Fashion

I can not believe I am already tempted to put the heating on in August! It's freezing! we have already started packing away the tiny shorts, sandals and vests - sad but true, it doesn't feel like they've been out for long enough. However with that said I do try to get the most out of pieces which can be worn into the cooler months with these few mix and match ideas.

Light coloured jeans - Teaming light coloured jeans with a light coloured sweater or over sized knit looks lovely. I'm such a sucker for over sized jumpers and skinnies, literally one of my favourite combos for autumn. The little lads and lass will always wear a light top underneath in the hope of a sunny spell.

Layers - When the light t-shirts are packed away the denim and checked shirts come out to play. Either worn open, sleeves roughly rolled up over a t-shirt or worn underneath a fine knit/sweater, such a cool look!

Canvas shoes - Okay so these will not keep their feet dry when its chucking it down but they can still be worn with trainer socks or thicker socks when its a bit nippy out. The little lads tend to get quite sweaty clammy feet so canvas shoes are the most comfortable for them. They don't tend to switch to boots until its officially winter. 

Tights - Is the easiest way to hold on to those summer dressss and playsuits. Simply swap bare legs for tights and sandals to ankle boots, pumps or trainers and you can get another couple of months wear out of them.

Tip - If you are looking for a bargain get over to eBay to buy your winter coats now. Summer is the best time to buy winter coats when everyone else is thinking about/mourning their swimming trunks or bikinis!


Sunday, 20 September 2015

Kids Punk Costumes

This weekend we went to a 'P' themed fete in our local village, they had a mini fashion show for the kiddies which was so incredibly cute. Naturally there were a lot of beautiful Princesses and scary Pirates but we fancied something a little different, I  didn't want to spend a fortune on buying costumes and my sewing skills are non existent! So we decided on Punk Rockers especially as Tigers wardrobe mainly consists of punk/rock inspired clothing meaning I didn't need to buy much, only a few accessories. In fact I only spent the grand totally of £5 to dress both Tiger and Violet!!

For Tiger's Boy Punk Costume -  He already had the skull t-shirt, acid wash jeans and chunky boots (all old H&M) in his wardrobe. I did plan to use wax and hair spray to spike his hair up into a Mohawk but his curls were having none of it! I did however use almost a can of temporary wash out blue hair spray which looked amazing! I looked around for a studded chocker but couldn't find one anywhere so ended up buying these dog collars which did the trick. Luckily as Halloween is just around the corner I found a tattoo sleeve, it was meant to fit an adult arm but I just used safety pins (very punk) to pin to his t-shirt. All of the accessories and hair dye I found in the Pound Shop for errr a pound. I finished off the costume with black nail polish, guy liner, a spiked bracelet and a few more temporary tattoos. Done! He was so pleased with it. 

For Violet's Girl Punk Costume- She also already had the jeans and boots in her wardrobe. Her top was an old t-shirt she no longer wore, I cut off the neck line, cut out a few tears, rolled the sleeves and pined on some safety pins. I then let her go to town on designing her own punk t-shirt with a Sharpie pen.  She then had the same above accessories as Tiger but with heavy purple eye makeup and dark purple lipstick! She looked amazing! They both did! And best of all it was quick, easy and cheap to make, I would totally recommend it as a easy Halloween costume. Had I been a little more organised I would have found some fishnet gloves and lots of badges. But they were happy so I was happy.

Disclosure: I'm sad to say neither of them won the fashion show, I definitely think it was fixed... (not really, I'm just bitter) but they looked great and we had such a lovely day.
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