Sunday, 20 September 2015

Kids Punk Costumes

This weekend we went to a 'P' themed fete in our local village, they had a mini fashion show for the kiddies which was so incredibly cute. Naturally there were a lot of beautiful Princesses and scary Pirates but we fancied something a little different, I  didn't want to spend a fortune on buying costumes and my sewing skills are non existent! So we decided on Punk Rockers especially as Tigers wardrobe mainly consists of punk/rock inspired clothing meaning I didn't need to buy much, only a few accessories. In fact I only spent the grand totally of £5 to dress both Tiger and Violet!!

For Tiger's Boy Punk Costume -  He already had the skull t-shirt, acid wash jeans and chunky boots (all old H&M) in his wardrobe. I did plan to use wax and hair spray to spike his hair up into a Mohawk but his curls were having none of it! I did however use almost a can of temporary wash out blue hair spray which looked amazing! I looked around for a studded chocker but couldn't find one anywhere so ended up buying these dog collars which did the trick. Luckily as Halloween is just around the corner I found a tattoo sleeve, it was meant to fit an adult arm but I just used safety pins (very punk) to pin to his t-shirt. All of the accessories and hair dye I found in the Pound Shop for errr a pound. I finished off the costume with black nail polish, guy liner, a spiked bracelet and a few more temporary tattoos. Done! He was so pleased with it. 

For Violet's Girl Punk Costume- She also already had the jeans and boots in her wardrobe. Her top was an old t-shirt she no longer wore, I cut off the neck line, cut out a few tears, rolled the sleeves and pined on some safety pins. I then let her go to town on designing her own punk t-shirt with a Sharpie pen.  She then had the same above accessories as Tiger but with heavy purple eye makeup and dark purple lipstick! She looked amazing! They both did! And best of all it was quick, easy and cheap to make, I would totally recommend it as a easy Halloween costume. Had I been a little more organised I would have found some fishnet gloves and lots of badges. But they were happy so I was happy.

Disclosure: I'm sad to say neither of them won the fashion show, I definitely think it was fixed... (not really, I'm just bitter) but they looked great and we had such a lovely day.

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