Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Learning to Ride a Scooter

Another big milestone in our house, Beaux this week finally learnt how to ride his scooter! Up until recently he had absolutely no interest in anything with wheels, no tricycles, no toy cars, no scooters, nothing! The only bike he would ride on was one with a handle that I pushed and if I dare take away the footrest in hope he might actually learn to pedal he would stick his feet out to the side, refuse to even touch the pedal and complain the entire journey!! Fun! So when he asked to try out Tigers hand me down Micro Mini Scooter this week I was so excited that he had even acknowledged it let alone wanting to have ago!

For the first time we went up and down our road at like 0.0001 mph and eventually with plenty of praise and serious over exaggeration on how fast he was going he gained enough confidence to ride his scooter to collect Tiger from school he couldn't wait for his big brother to see him riding his scooter and attempt to ride along side him. Tiger did his part showing him off to his school friends and making him feel like a big boy.

With all this glorious weather we've been having we decided to ride his scooter to feed the ducks. He was so proud of himself "look mama I ride super fast" he's so incredibly pleased with his achievement and it's so sweet to watch. He did really well to get to the river with only one fall, which was a bit of a footballer roll rather than a actual fall, I think he only did it so he would have something to tell the kids at nursery the following day! He made it half the way back and decided he was far too tired to continue so ended up riding it like a skateboard while I pulled him along. Luckily the Micro Mini Scooter is so sturdy and light that it made pulling along quite easy. Glad we can finally tick 'scooter riding' off the list! Hopefully this means we can leave the pushchair at home more often.



  1. How sweet!! Looks like a fun day out x

    1. Such a lovely spontaneous day, exactly what we both needed! x


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