Sunday, 25 October 2015

Halloween T-Shirts and Half Term Ideas

Halloween is one of our most favorite holidays and we have Halloween inspired days planned for most of the half term holiday, so it is only fitting that we should dress for the absolutely- every-single-opportunity!

Tiger is obsessed with all things spooky regardless of the time of year but Halloween is a great time to pick up spooky inspired clothing. He will wear them throughout the year but they are more plentiful now and once Halloween is over these sort of t-shirts will be in the sale so I will be stocking up.

Beaux's skeleton t-shirt is from H&M so affordable at £2.99 that I had to buy it twice! Well one for each of the little lads, I rarely do this but once Tiger saw his younger brothers he desperately wanted one too plus yellows/mustards are just gorgeous in the autumn.

Tiger's 'Life to Rock' skeleton t-shirt is from Zara £5.99, I tend to buy a lot of Tiger's basics from there. The quality is always lovely and last the test of time. He chose this long sleeved t-shirt as he was impressed with the skeletons quiff!

Stuck for Halloween themed ideas for the half term? Here are a few things we will be up to...

National Trust Halloween Trail - Most of the larger National Trust Gardens will have a Halloween events and trails. We went to National Trust Cliveden last year and it was fantastic. 

Cinema Date - Hotel Transylvania 2 is now out at the cinema, we've all watched the first Hotel Transylvania film many a time so we are looking forward to seeing the newly leased film 

Halloween Craft - Of course the traditional pumpkin carving is a must over Halloween but we also like to make a haunted gingerbread house. I usually buy the pre-made Christmas gingerbread house but decorate with creepy sweets and treats instead. 

Spooky Movie Night - Thought you might appreciate a list of child friendly spooky animated films (more sensitive children might find some of them a little too scary so I've put them in order of scariness, starting with the least) 

Room on the Broom 
Monsters Inc
Monsters University 
Hotel Transylvania 
The Nightmare Before Christmas 
Monster House
Corpse Bride


Thursday, 22 October 2015

A Sunday Well Spent - West Green House National Trust

On Sunday we went to National Trust West Green House Garden a stunning family friendly National Trust Garden. If I'm honest I've been lacking motivation on exploring and finding new mini adventures for our family, we seem to just visit our local area so when The Mister suggested West Green House and Garden I was excited to be going somewhere new.

We had briefly researched it online mainly to check it was open at this time of year and that it wasn't too far away. I heard the words 'walled garden' and I was sold! I had visions of a little secret garden surrounded by climbing roses. The minute we walked through the gift shop and cafe (which is the main entrance into the gardens) we were met with a bright vibrant garden and the sweetest friendly little cat which the little lads took quite a shine to, I knew right then that we were in for a lovely family walk.

We wondered around the West Green House walled garden, the little lads happily leading the way excited about what we would find on the other side of 'that little brick archway'. As the garden is enclosed we felt quite happy for them to run off a little ahead. Their first discovery was an amazing chicken pen, it felt a little out of place but in a good way, I couldn't help thinking of Alice in Wonderland. In fact that was the feeling of the entire walled garden. All areas were different to the last, always something different new to look at and as it was our first time we didn't know what to expect which kept the little lads interested and guessing.  I could tell that they really felt like they were exploring, they couldn't wait to talk about what they had found or seen.

Once out of the walled garden there's a beautiful lake to walk around, it isn't too big and Beaux was able to walk around happily collecting leaves and 'cone-pines' (pine cones to you and I) without going on The Misters shoulders for the entire time. Walking at a toddler pace it took us about twenty minutes to do a full circle of the lake which is perfect for little legs. I can imagine West Green House Garden is stunning in summer but it was equally as beautiful in autumn, the path scattered with colourful crisp fallen leaves really was lovely.

Dare I say West Green House Garden is a close second to Stourhead as my all time favorite National Trust Garden I would definitely recommend it with the family. It isn't too big and the enclosed walled garden is perfect for toddlers and young children to explore. There are loads of little points of interest to stop and look at, West Green House and Garden definitely felt magical.


Sunday, 11 October 2015

Lalalab App Photo Printing + £5 Off Voucher for All Readers

My new most favorite app is Lalalab (previously named pologram) an app to quickly print photos directly from your phone.

Last month saw The Misters 40th birthday and his mum made him a lovely photo album of the sweetest memories and captures from birth to present day, it was the most thoughtful gift and he's flicked through it many times reminiscing. Although I'm always there with a camera snapping those moments of my family and friends I'm terrible at printing them off but have decided recently that I need to change that. As much as I love flicking through photos of my phone, I love it even more seeing them displayed around our home in a frame or in a photo album.

Lalalab makes printing photos from your phone super easy and quick, although I love my DSLR my favorite and most natural photos are those taken with my iPhone and these are the ones I want printed for my photo albums, those beautiful ordinary moments. Ordering my prints took a few minutes, all I had to do was choose my favorites from my phone or social media pages, i'm an instamming fiend so I chose my favorites from there.Then choose if I wanted photos, magnets, posters or photo book, enter my details and waited for them to be posted to me. It really was simple and I love love love how they've turned out, Amazing quality, even those photos I have used filters on are lovely and clear. I am so happy with them.

Lalalab are offering all readers a £5 discount off your prints (postage and packaging not included) just use voucher code PG9UP11C when placing your order. 


Hawkin's Bazaar - Extreme Beast Remote Control Car Review

Hawkin's Bazaar is one of the little lads favorite toy shops, it's the last store we visit for good behavior when out shopping. Hawkin's Bazaar is the perfect place to spend that well earned pocket money, with lots of little goodies to choose from. It's also my go to place for good quality birthday goodie bags gifts and stocking fillers. 

So when we were asked to review the Extreme Beast Remote Control Car the little lads were so excited, actually forget the little lads, The Mister was ecstatic! I saw him transform into a 10 year old boy right before my eyes! 

Everything you need for the Extreme Beast Remote Control Car is in the box which was great, no quick dash to the shop for batteries! A two hour mains charge for the car battery, installation of the batteries for the remote control and we were ready to go! Tiger having never driven a remote control car before took to it like a natural. Although the Extreme Beast Remote Control Car is very fast it's easy to control with the steering wheel and trigger like remote control. The suspension on the Extreme Beast is excellent so it's great for going up and down ramps, according to The Mister and Tiger. 
The Extreme Beast rechargeable battery lasts for approx two hours before needing to be charged again and we haven't needed to change the batteries for the remote control yet. I was a little concerned that the advisories state that the Extreme Beast is suitable for eight years plus but at six Tiger is more than happy playing with it.  Here is what he has to say about the Extreme Beast Remote Control Car:-

Do you like the Extreme Beast Remote Control Car? 
Yes!! Because it's super fast and it sprays dirt when it's muddy!

Is it easy to control?
Yes!! Because the steering wheel on the remote is like driving a real car and the trigger makes it go fast or reverse. Also it works really well on the grass.

Do you like the way the Extreme Beast looks?
Yep, it's green which is my favorite colour, and has huge wheels. It has a cool name too!

Do you think your friends would like it?
Yes! I'm going to take it to the park to show them, we can practice doing tricks!

Anything you don't like?
No, it's really cool! I want another one so I can play races!

What could make the Extreme Beast better?
A flag on the back would look good and it would be really good if it could do back flips. 

Would it make a good Christmas present?
Yes! Because it's very big, very fast and I could take it with me when we go for our Christmas walk and it takes ages before the battery runs out. 

There you have it, the Extreme Beast Remote Control Car gets the thumbs up from Tiger and The Mister who now wants his own so he can race with Tiger, so sexy! Not!

Since writing this review the Extreme Beast is no longer available but the RC Rock Crawler is very similar to the Extreme Beast also available from Hawkin's Bazaar.


Friday, 2 October 2015

How to Style Culottes

I've found these culottes in the latest Topshop sale and they have been in my wardrobe for a little while now, mainly because I couldn't decide how to style them. They are my first pair of culottes since I wore them in the 80s as a child so I wasn't sure they were really me now, but when I tried them on they fitted so well and are so so comfortable. They are also the perfect piece for this gorgeous 'too cold for sandals but too hot for a coat' autumn weather we've been having recently.

I've seen them worn with trainers and think that looks great but I have unnaturally skinny ankles which are not in proportion to the rest of my legs! so the bulky trainers would only emphasize this. Having recently re-heeled my favorite faux skin leopard print boots (geeze that's a mouthful!) I decided to wear my culottes with ankle boots, in my mind I think of the culottes as a masculine midi skirt so styled it in the exactly same way I would style a midi skirt (see here) Wearing high waisted with a t-shirt, fine knit or shirt roughly tucked in will balance out the bottom half and look much more flattering. I felt quite smart in this outfit, change the t-shirt to a shirt and it would be the perfect 'meetings' outfit. 


Featured in Very Magazine with OK!

Okay so this is probably..definitely! not the done thing but myself, the little lads and lass were featured in Very magazine this month! A magazine pull out from OK! Magazine and we are chuffed to bits and I'm not at all embarrassed to shout about it.

September was a tough month for me, yes we had my, Beaux's and The Mister's birthdays which were all lovely but for me there was an underlining of sadness, my brothers dad passed away. Myself, I only hold a few good memories of his dad but throughout September I held a heavy heart for my little brother and still do although he's coping well.

Also in September Beaux was diagnosed with re-flux which is now under control with medicine but it was a tough couple of weeks trying to find out what was wrong with him which meant lots of sleepless poorly nights for my littlest lad, I felt like I could do nothing to help him, it was pretty rough. So my point is if I can mourn the negatives in my life then I am sure as hell going to celebrate the positives too! Beaux is doing much better and has been back at nursery this week. And having this little blog of mine featured in Very magazine is amazing and I'm feeling very proud! A great way to start a fresh new month! Psst - They called me a cool parent blogger! eek!

The article itself 'Bloggers Corner' is in the kids style section (page 115 if you want to have a read) a monthly Q&A on kids fashion featuring a different parent fashion blogger each month, Last month was my amazing friend Bonita who blogs at Mamas VIB if you don't follow her you must! you won't be disappointed

The Q&As was so much fun and I could talk forever about our style and I just love giving tips, but trying to only choose a few top pieces from was a challenge! There's just too much loveliness! You will have to check it out for yourself and see exactly what I mean.

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