Thursday, 22 October 2015

A Sunday Well Spent - West Green House National Trust

On Sunday we went to National Trust West Green House Garden a stunning family friendly National Trust Garden. If I'm honest I've been lacking motivation on exploring and finding new mini adventures for our family, we seem to just visit our local area so when The Mister suggested West Green House and Garden I was excited to be going somewhere new.

We had briefly researched it online mainly to check it was open at this time of year and that it wasn't too far away. I heard the words 'walled garden' and I was sold! I had visions of a little secret garden surrounded by climbing roses. The minute we walked through the gift shop and cafe (which is the main entrance into the gardens) we were met with a bright vibrant garden and the sweetest friendly little cat which the little lads took quite a shine to, I knew right then that we were in for a lovely family walk.

We wondered around the West Green House walled garden, the little lads happily leading the way excited about what we would find on the other side of 'that little brick archway'. As the garden is enclosed we felt quite happy for them to run off a little ahead. Their first discovery was an amazing chicken pen, it felt a little out of place but in a good way, I couldn't help thinking of Alice in Wonderland. In fact that was the feeling of the entire walled garden. All areas were different to the last, always something different new to look at and as it was our first time we didn't know what to expect which kept the little lads interested and guessing.  I could tell that they really felt like they were exploring, they couldn't wait to talk about what they had found or seen.

Once out of the walled garden there's a beautiful lake to walk around, it isn't too big and Beaux was able to walk around happily collecting leaves and 'cone-pines' (pine cones to you and I) without going on The Misters shoulders for the entire time. Walking at a toddler pace it took us about twenty minutes to do a full circle of the lake which is perfect for little legs. I can imagine West Green House Garden is stunning in summer but it was equally as beautiful in autumn, the path scattered with colourful crisp fallen leaves really was lovely.

Dare I say West Green House Garden is a close second to Stourhead as my all time favorite National Trust Garden I would definitely recommend it with the family. It isn't too big and the enclosed walled garden is perfect for toddlers and young children to explore. There are loads of little points of interest to stop and look at, West Green House and Garden definitely felt magical.



  1. I love National Trust and West Green is the closest one to us and yet we have never been! You have just sold it to me, I'm going to take the children the next chance we get x

  2. This looks beautiful. I've always had a thing for gardens and think the little ones would love this one too x


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