Friday, 2 October 2015

Featured in Very Magazine with OK!

Okay so this is probably..definitely! not the done thing but myself, the little lads and lass were featured in Very magazine this month! A magazine pull out from OK! Magazine and we are chuffed to bits and I'm not at all embarrassed to shout about it.

September was a tough month for me, yes we had my, Beaux's and The Mister's birthdays which were all lovely but for me there was an underlining of sadness, my brothers dad passed away. Myself, I only hold a few good memories of his dad but throughout September I held a heavy heart for my little brother and still do although he's coping well.

Also in September Beaux was diagnosed with re-flux which is now under control with medicine but it was a tough couple of weeks trying to find out what was wrong with him which meant lots of sleepless poorly nights for my littlest lad, I felt like I could do nothing to help him, it was pretty rough. So my point is if I can mourn the negatives in my life then I am sure as hell going to celebrate the positives too! Beaux is doing much better and has been back at nursery this week. And having this little blog of mine featured in Very magazine is amazing and I'm feeling very proud! A great way to start a fresh new month! Psst - They called me a cool parent blogger! eek!

The article itself 'Bloggers Corner' is in the kids style section (page 115 if you want to have a read) a monthly Q&A on kids fashion featuring a different parent fashion blogger each month, Last month was my amazing friend Bonita who blogs at Mamas VIB if you don't follow her you must! you won't be disappointed

The Q&As was so much fun and I could talk forever about our style and I just love giving tips, but trying to only choose a few top pieces from was a challenge! There's just too much loveliness! You will have to check it out for yourself and see exactly what I mean.



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