Sunday, 11 October 2015

Hawkin's Bazaar - Extreme Beast Remote Control Car Review

Hawkin's Bazaar is one of the little lads favorite toy shops, it's the last store we visit for good behavior when out shopping. Hawkin's Bazaar is the perfect place to spend that well earned pocket money, with lots of little goodies to choose from. It's also my go to place for good quality birthday goodie bags gifts and stocking fillers. 

So when we were asked to review the Extreme Beast Remote Control Car the little lads were so excited, actually forget the little lads, The Mister was ecstatic! I saw him transform into a 10 year old boy right before my eyes! 

Everything you need for the Extreme Beast Remote Control Car is in the box which was great, no quick dash to the shop for batteries! A two hour mains charge for the car battery, installation of the batteries for the remote control and we were ready to go! Tiger having never driven a remote control car before took to it like a natural. Although the Extreme Beast Remote Control Car is very fast it's easy to control with the steering wheel and trigger like remote control. The suspension on the Extreme Beast is excellent so it's great for going up and down ramps, according to The Mister and Tiger. 
The Extreme Beast rechargeable battery lasts for approx two hours before needing to be charged again and we haven't needed to change the batteries for the remote control yet. I was a little concerned that the advisories state that the Extreme Beast is suitable for eight years plus but at six Tiger is more than happy playing with it.  Here is what he has to say about the Extreme Beast Remote Control Car:-

Do you like the Extreme Beast Remote Control Car? 
Yes!! Because it's super fast and it sprays dirt when it's muddy!

Is it easy to control?
Yes!! Because the steering wheel on the remote is like driving a real car and the trigger makes it go fast or reverse. Also it works really well on the grass.

Do you like the way the Extreme Beast looks?
Yep, it's green which is my favorite colour, and has huge wheels. It has a cool name too!

Do you think your friends would like it?
Yes! I'm going to take it to the park to show them, we can practice doing tricks!

Anything you don't like?
No, it's really cool! I want another one so I can play races!

What could make the Extreme Beast better?
A flag on the back would look good and it would be really good if it could do back flips. 

Would it make a good Christmas present?
Yes! Because it's very big, very fast and I could take it with me when we go for our Christmas walk and it takes ages before the battery runs out. 

There you have it, the Extreme Beast Remote Control Car gets the thumbs up from Tiger and The Mister who now wants his own so he can race with Tiger, so sexy! Not!

Since writing this review the Extreme Beast is no longer available but the RC Rock Crawler is very similar to the Extreme Beast also available from Hawkin's Bazaar.


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