Monday, 30 November 2015

Little and Fierce Stylish Kids Accessories

Little & Fierce are my go to when looking for cool accessories for the little lads and lass. Especially at Christmas time, they have a great stocking filler section of quality little goodies! Cool accessories the kids will just love all year long.

Earlier this year I reviewed Little & Fierce and amongst the other lovely accessories , I was sent this Ampersands Commodities hunter style hat but it was too big for Beaux at the time. I was warned it was for ages 3+ but I wouldn't be told, I was obsessed with the design and style of this hat.

Amperdsand Commodities Hat - Little and Fierce £15.00

For me this hunter style hat has a retro feel to it, it reminds me of a bonnet I had as a child but mine was red with a little grey pompom, I couldn't have been more than 3yrs old but I remember it so clearly, I loved that bright hat with its soft fluffy flaps that kept my ears toasty and warm. I also insisted on having it tied in a bow underneath my chin, I can't explain it now but I guess there was something comforting about it. So naturally I had to have this hat even though Beaux wouldn't get to wear it until now, but I'm sure you would agree it was totally worth the wait!

As much as I love the style of this hat I can not get enough of the Aztec design, stunning bright colours and oversized handmade pompom. I always try to make sure the little lads have a couple of colourful hats for the winter. They are so refreshing when the weather is a bit cold and dreary! Get over to Little & Fierce to see their full range. 


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  1. Absolutely love this Carissa! Thank you so much for the feature xx


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