Friday, 20 November 2015

Pocket Money Christmas Gift Ideas

All From Stocking Fillers
Russian Doll Pen £1.99 For Mum because who doesn't like pretty stationary
Retro Coin Purse £2.49 For Big Sister These purse are super cool, any lover of colour will adore these.
Mix N Match Puzzle £1.49 For Little Brother Time to get creative with these colourful spinning blocks, what funny character will he make?
Grow Your Own Venus Fly Trap £4.99 For Dad I think the Venus Fly Trap has to be 'The' most masculine plant we could think of. A great plant for the study or a desk.
Pop Up Cone Puppets £2.99 For The Tots Colourful wooden puppets, these are just simply adorable.

Especially at Christmas time we think it's important for the little lads and lass to appreciate the act of giving as well as receiving. So we encourage them to buy small gifts for family and friends using their own pocket money. I came across Stocking Fillers a one stop shop for hundreds of stocking fillers, make your own or buy their pre-filled stockings. But it is also perfect for finding small gifts for under £5, they have a huge range with lots to choose from for the whole family. The kids love it, we sit together picking, choosing and thinking about what would make someone else happy and excited to unwrap on Christmas Day.

I personally love nothing more than a gift from the kids which they have chosen themselves, they are usually so excited to give it to me and it takes extreme will power to not to give the game away before Christmas Day! I love their chain of thought, why they think someone would enjoy receiving their gift and I let them choose totally independently no matter how obscure their gifts might be. It's a fantastic insight into how they view their loved ones.

Together we created this Christmas gift guide for presents under £5 from Stocking Fillers and I have to admit they chose perfect well thought out presents and I just adore the Russian Doll Pens, I'm strongly hinting and hoping to find one wrapped up underneath the Christmas tree!

If you hurray Stocking Fillers have a discount code until the 1st December 15 just use code: TINSEL to receive 10% off your order. 

Disclosure: This is a Sponsored post in conjunction with Stocking Fillers

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