Monday, 14 December 2015

Adult Christmas Eve Box Ideas

Yes I said it, a Christmas Eve box for adults! Why should the kids have all the fun. I've always given a Christmas Eve gift to the little lads and lass and a couple of years ago we started the Christmas Eve box tradition, for us it's the perfect way to wind down for the night before the big day. Read more about it here

This got me thinking that once the little lads and lass have gone to bed I will surprise The Mister with our very own Christmas Eve Box, I say surprise, it might be ruined if he reads this post! Here's what I have included in our Adult Christmas Eve Box

New PJs - There is nothing better than new PJs especially as we are spending Christmas Day at home this year, there's no rush so we probably stay in our pjs and open presents until late morning. 

Hot chocolate cocktail  - A bit of Netflix and chill (literally) with a boozy all the trimmings hot chocolate cocktail. If hot chocolate is not your thing then what about a nice bottle of red wine?

Fudge & Posh crisps - Errr need I say more, some (more) lovely late night treats so we don't have to get up and march all the way into kitchen...which is actually right next door to our living room! But who wants to move when you are all snuggled up in comfy new PJs and drinking a hot chocolate cocktail.

Candles - Candles are a huge part of our Christmas tradition, so a fresh new candle is a must.


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