Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Just another Manic Mum Day

Over the weekend Toby Carvery challenged me to take a day off from cooking at home, not much of a challenge really and I can't say I took much convincing! A day off from preparing, cooking and then clearing said food off of the floor, where do I sign?! We went to our local Toby Carvery on Saturday which was perfect timing as we had a particularly manic but lovely day planned. Our day started bright and early by decorating our Christmas tree, a spot of Christmas shopping then to the cinema to watch The Good Dinosaur. Our table at Toby Carvery was booked at 5.30pm straight after the film finished but a little later than the little lads would eat dinner normally.

When we arrived it was dark outside and Toby Carvery was full of Christmas decorations, it was lovely and warm and had a buzzy Christmassy atmosphere. Very inviting! We were shown to our table, our drinks order was taken and it was straight to the carvery and the little lads were eating within 10 minutes of arriving! They didn't even get a chance to complain (Mum 1 - Little Lads 0)

I couldn't resist piling my plate high! I chose pork and beef, a HUGE Yorkshire pudding, stuffing, roast potatoes, plenty of veg and lashings of gravy, the whole shebang!. Everything you would expect from a good Sunday roast but without the effort of making it yourself. The little lads actually prefer meat and potatoes over chicken nuggets and chips so they were happy chappies with their roast. We were stuffed after our main but we could have gone up for more potatoes and veg if we wanted but myself and the little lads had our hearts set on desert.

For desert the little lads both chose orange jelly which had segments of oranges inside (one of their five a day! Mum -2 Little Lads 0) I had the biggest black currant Eton mess, it was lovely but I couldn't finish it, Tiger was more than happy to assist me. The Mister was so full after his main he could only manage an espresso.

We had an lovely meal, in a cosy Christmassy restaurant which was really family friendly. What I was surprised about was how affordable our family meal was, we ordered 2x adult Carvery mains, 2x children's Carvery mains, 2x orange jelly deserts, an Eton mess dessert, 2x apple juices, a beer and a white wine Spritzer (well it was a mums night off after all) and an espresso and it totaled to £41.80 which I feel is very reasonable for a family meal out. Thanks Toby Carvery, I thoroughly enjoyed your challenge.

Toby Carvery are offering all of my readers a free Sundae see full details below.


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