Tuesday, 19 January 2016

The Ordinary Moments #2 Chalk and Cheese

Now this is exactly why I don't make New Years resolutions, I break them immediately then I am left feeling crappy about myself.

Okay so I've kept up with the looking after myself thing, eating healthier and making plans I love but I'm already lagging behind on The Ordinary Moments. But I suppose, better late than never. 

The past week has really been all about settling back into routine, which I secretly hate! although I do think its necessary for happy and content little lads. Tiger really thrives on knowing where he's going and what he's doing, he always has. When he was a newborn baby I always thought I would be a happy go lucky mama, let my newborn lead the way, take things easy but Tiger had none of it! He cried loudly and constantly for the first three months.  I really struggled and went from wanting to be a hippy mama to ending up following the strict routines of Gina Ford

Lovely lovely, ruthless, Gina Ford, within a couple of weeks of following her routine (which is probably a bit dated now, I don't know, I'm no longer in the 'Baby In Crowd') All I know, he was a changed baby. Relaxed, content and barely ever cried. If I'm honest he's pretty much the same child now. He is as cool as he looks. He's very chilled out and incredibly easy going, just a joy to be round. His teachers always tell me he's popular with his peers, he's just so easy to get along with. I love that about him. 

NOW Beaux on the other hand is a much much different type of child. As a baby he was so happy and content. I use to feel embarrassed, almost like I was bragging when people asked if he was a good baby, he really was, he barely cried at all. I honestly thought I was the shiz at the whole newborn thing! I'd done it once before and now I was a pro! It was a great feeling especially as I struggled so much with Tiger in the first few months. I threw away my old Gina Ford books, didn't follow many routines and it was all hunky dory! UNTIL Beaux hit a year old, he changed!!

Somewhere along the lines he realised that if he was going to be the youngest, he had better start acting like the youngest. He threw tantrums, he learnt to walk quickly and learnt to run away even quicker! He also learnt at a very young age that humor, a cheeky smile and a flutter of those lashes could get him out of sticky situations. He's definitely the comedian of our little family, he loves nothing more than being sat at the dinner table, telling a silly story or singing a silly song with all eyes on him. Even at such a young age he has a way with words and is quite the little mover. He makes me laugh (hearty belly laugh) daily and I love this about him. 

I won't lie when I was pregnant for the second time and found out that I was having another little lad I was a bit disappointed (selfish I know) How could I love another little lad as much as I love my well behaved, sweet, caring, charismatic little Tiger cub? I honestly didn't think it was possible until Beaux came along. My heart grew and I love them equally as everyone told me I would. But what no one told was was how differently I will like them. How can I not, they are chalk and cheese with such different personalities.  

I love how Tiger is so easy going, I know if it is just him and I on a day out together it will just be so magical, so perfect, so easy. No tantrums! I love how he's a day dreamer and super creative, I love how his mind works. I love that he can't watch animal documentaries without getting a little choked up and the way he describes the story of The Ugly Duckling. I love his dry quirky sense of humor, that he recognises the smallest detail in a comedy sketch and will roar with laughter. I love that his laugh, always without fail is enough to make me laugh. 

While I love that Beaux is so playful and super affectionate. If we are in the same room you will always find him curled around me. Giving me unprompted cuddles and kisses but in the same breath is also fiercely independent. I love his energy. He's the sort of child that will run off into situations and not look back at me for reassurance. I love that we wants to try everything, that he wants to try it first and does so without fear.

But most of all I love the relationship which is really beginning to form between our little likely lads. Yes they argue and fight like most siblings do but I can't get enough of hearing them laugh with their little 'in jokes', making up little song/sayings that only really make sense to them or just enjoy being in each other's company. It's really beautiful to witness.



  1. You have such a lovely pair of boys. They sound like they really do have their own clear cut personalities! x

  2. I loved reading this and hearing about your boys, firstly cause I am due a little boy of my own soon and secondly because they sound the same as my girls, except the other way round. Mads my eldest was a chilled out baby and is now more highly strung, crazy and hyper, yet incredible affectionate and sweet, whereas LL my youngest was less chilled out as a baby but is now the most chilled out toddler ever! x

  3. What a lovely read. They sound so different but I guess that's really nice. My two are so different already and the youngest is only 11 months! X


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