Monday, 15 February 2016

8 Problems with the Ripped Jeans Trend

8 Problems with the Ripped Jeans Trend

Last weekend I bought my third pair of ripped jeans (the above high waisted jeans, £15 from Primark if you are interested) As I tried them on for the first time I caught my toe, you know the sensitive bit between the big toe and the toe next to that (which I like to call my mummy toe) in the rips, which actually really hurts and I do it every single time I put them on, no matter how careful I am. Like I said I do have a few pairs of ripped jeans but really are they for me? As I think more about it there are a few more problems with the ripped jeans trend, eight to be exact!

1. Your foot always gets caught making the hole bigger than you are comfortable with. While tearing in between you toes!! Ouch!

2. Cold Knees. You wouldn't think so but they can be pretty drafty! I honestly think on a really cold day my knee caps got frost bite and fell off once....okay maybe not honestly

3. You have to Pick A Side. Are you a slight knee rip type? Brave enough to wear a rip on the thigh or even a bum cheek? OR one of the crazies who's rip goes from thigh to shin?!! who are these people?!!

4. Some people think you are just Poor. That the rip is unintentional and you need new jeans. If you don't know, get to know people. 

5. Having to Shave Your Legs. I always think of jeans, especially in the winter as the 'ultimate hairy leg hiders' But you'd be surprised how easily those hairs can sprout, glisten and shine from those rips! You could try strategically shaving just the parts of the legs on show, where the rips are? Let me know how you get on with that. 

6. Subject to Ridicule. Haters 

7. So hard to get a Photo Of. Okay, this might just be one for the Fashion Bloggers out there. But some really awkward knee bends need to go on to show off those rips. 

8. If you have lots of rips will they eventually meet up leaving you with a Skirt? Not a great look if you are a man OR have tried the strategic leg shave. 

So with all that said, maybe I will just go back to jeans without rips. Life is challenging enough. 



  1. Love this post- great smile-inducer :) x
    I always wear socks so my toes rarely get caught in the rips. I too fear that they will all meet up and I will end up with hot pants- not a good look for me! xx

    1. 😂😂 hot pants!!! Must try with socks xx

  2. I love ripped jeans on other people. Not sure they're compatible with my werewolf limbs 😂

    1. 😂😂 you will definitely need to defluff first!! You look fab in everything!! xx


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