Tuesday, 1 March 2016

A Day at - Drayton Manor Thomas Land & Zoo

This weekend we were invited to Drayton Manor Theme Park to test out their new and improved Thomas Land.

Beaux was SO excited he told everyone he came into contact with that he was going and couldn't sleep the night before with excitement! We hadn't been before but I had shown him the website and explained to him what to expect.

He was so excited to be going to the zoo as he absolutely adores animal and couldn't wait to see the Tiger and 'Cheeky Gibbons'. He's also partial to a bit of Thomas the Tank Engine so couldn't wait to test out the rides too!

When we arrived we headed straight to Thomas Land with Beaux excitedly leading the way. He was in ore of the Thomas and Friends models and eagerly had his photo taken with them. Then we hit the rides!!

Most of the rides in Thomas Land are probably aimed at ages 2-5 years with a few that are for older children (from about 5 years up).

While The Mister took Beaux on all the toddler friendly rides I took Tiger & Violet on the rides more thrilling for them. We (including myself) absolutely loved the Troublesome Trucks Runaway Coaster ride! We went on it a total of FIVE times, that's TEN loops if you're counting! I'm sure that has to be a world record. We couldn't stop giggling and really allowed ourselves to get caught in the moment.

Next, we took the Thomas Train Tour to the Zoo. This was a real highlight for Beaux, riding Thomas the Tank Engine to THE ZOO, a double whammy for him. I loved the idea of the train, as Beaux no longer uses his pushchair he sometimes gets tired little legs walking long distances. So the train was perfect (which we could ride back to Thomas Land once finished at the zoo)

The zoo was great and much bigger than I had imagined it would be. Reptiles, Merekats (one of which I'm sure was posing for me and trying to capture her best side) Gibbons, Birds of Prey and of course the Tiger. Although we've been to plenty of zoos before I'd never seen a Tiger so close up! Had there not been glass between us I could have reached my arm out and touched it. Such beautiful animals, all of the kids were mesmerized by it. Amongst all of this there is also a playground and dinosaur trail with huge model dinosaur, another of Beaux's favorite things. Beaux could have easily spent his entire time here, he just loved it.

After the zoo we had a wander around the rest of the park, as Drayton Manor isn't officially opened until 12th March many of the rides were closed. We had pre-warned the kids but Tiger really liked the look of the Ben 10 roller coaster and Violet the water rides.We softened the blow with a trip to the gift shop and treated them all to a small gift each, which was actually reasonably priced compared to some of the other theme parks.

Overall we had a great day! Thomas land and the zoo were absolutely perfect for Beaux, on the way home before falling asleep clutching his little dinosaur we bought from the gift shop, he announced "I'm going back there tomorrow!" Violet and Tiger had a lovely day too but as Violet correctly pointed out that we couldn't give it a full review as we didn't go on everything, so I guess we will have to come again! (and gave a cheeky half smile).

Disclosure: This review is my application to become a Drayton Manor Theme Park Ambassador. We were given free entry for this purpose. All photography and opinions are my own. 



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