Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Dolly Doodles Drawings

So you know in the mornings when you are suppose to be cleaning the house, sorting laundry and unpacking the dishwasher all before you have to collect your little from nursery before lunch. Then the postman comes and delivers you an exciting envelope and all that can wait?! Well that!

Instead of housework I just had to write this little post about my Dolly Doodles customised drawing!

Instagram is definitely becoming my favorite place to discover new talent be it fashion, interior or crafts. This is where I discovered Dolly Doodles. London mama Laura creates these gorgeous customised drawings of either you, your littles or recently she has been drawing families. 

I sent her a couple of my favorite photos of myself and the Little Lads and she drew her interpretation of them for me and I absolutely love them! I asked for them to be tweaked a little, the little lads were wearing coats but I preferred sweaters with 'little lads' written on them but I could have chosen different clothes, hair styles and colours. The possibilities are endless

I can't wait to get a black frame and hang in our study. I'm tempted to buy another just of the Little Lads and Lass to have in our living room. Love it!!! 

If you'd be interested in your own drawing, contact Laura here with your requirements and costs (which is really affordable)


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  1. Ah that looks just like you! So cute - I love it x


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