Sunday, 6 March 2016

Fleet Air Arm Museum - 5 Reasons to go with the Kids

We were invited to go to Fleet Air Arm Museum during the half term. We've never been before and as a family we try to go to at least one educational day out during school holidays. Although none of us are exactly Aircraft enthusiasts we were looking forward to going. Beaux especially but I think he thought we would be flying the planes!

 I was a little apprehensive that there would be enough there to keep The Littles entertained, but I didn't need to worry, here are 5 reasons Why you should take the kids to Fleet Air Arm Museum.

1. Aircrafts - Obvs!  If you have little ones who are obsessed with planes this one is definitely one for you. There are so many different types from Concordes to Second World War planes and you have the opportunity to get up close and personal. Although none of us have a huge passion for aircrafts it was still interesting watching how the designs changed over the years.

2. Wet Weather Activity - On the day we went it was a miserable day, raining none stop! Fleet Air Arm Museum is a good wet weather activity. Its all in doors and really spacious so didn't at all feel overcrowded.

3. Interactive - As we strolled around we played on the touch screens and learnt how aircrafts fly. We went on a helicopter simulator which was really bumpy, Beaux was screaming with delight as if we were at a theme park and we climbed on board many aircrafts and had a nose.

4. Spacious - We did have the option to go on a guided tour but we opted against it. Whenever we go to museum we usually let The Littles lead the way, I find it keeps them engaged for longer, we can spend more time looking at those things that interest us and skip past those that do not. The little lads could happily go off ahead, without fear of them bumping into someone or losing sight of them.

5. Educational  - Although I think Beaux was too young to really take in any real detail of aircraft other than maybe what they look like. Tiger and Violet both left knowing a lot more about aircrafts than when we first arrived.

So all in all we had a lovely morning at the Fleet Air Arm Museum, I could imagine if you have a real interest in aircrafts or the Royal Navy you could spend all day there, but for us a morning or afternoon was enough time. We enjoyed wandering around the museum, looking at the aircrafts, nosing around on board and testing out the simulators, with the little lads leading the way at our own pace.

I would advise if you have young children like ourselves then maybe the Aircraft Carrier Tour wont be for you. It was quite long (45 minutes) and the on screen tour guide was quite wordy, it didn't feel like it was aimed at all for young children. Violet at 10 years old took away a few facts from it but we did leave before it finished and headed out for cake instead, which was delicious and the size of my head!

Disclosure: We were invited to Fleet Air Arm Museum free of charge for the purpose of this review, As always all opinions and photographs are my own.


  1. We are off here at Easter and I think well give that tour a miss and get cake instead! x

    1. Are you? You will have a lovely time. Personally I didn't think the tour was aimed at young children but it's not the be all and end all, plenty of other things to look at and enjoy. AND the cake was so good!!! xx


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