Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Ideal Home Show 2016 - A Day Out with My Sister

On Sunday I was invited to the Ideal Home Show by the lovely Sponsors Plumbs. Since finally buying our own home 18 months ago I'm obsessed with interior/home improvements and love to update our home by adding new pieces here and there.  I especially love giving old furniture a new lease of life. Plumbs do just that, specialist in re-upholstery. They can make that old arm chair that I just can't bear to part with fresh, up to date and new again.

Knowing that The Mister would prefer to sit this one out, you either love cooing over a shinny pretty pastel kettles, or learning how to make the most of a small garden or you don't. He doesn't, but my sister Tracey does! so I thought I would invite her along for a day out instead. And I'm so glad I did, we had such an amazing day, bought more than we intended to, left inspired and were in fits of giggles the entire time

Neither of us have been to the Ideal Home Show before, although Tracey who also blogs at Simply into my Nails had been to Olympia for nail events, such a stunning venue. 

At first I was a little overwhelmed by how large it was and just how many stalls and demonstrations were taking place. Well, that was until we came across out first stall with these most amazing lamps and soft furnishings, after that I certainly got into the swing of things! 

I personally loved the stalls set up as mini show homes/gardens, I'm a really visual person so these were fantastic for me. I took away some inspo for this years garden make over! Hurry up Summer!

Tracey was a sucker for a demonstration of new products that have recently been released. I think 8 out of 10 demonstrations we watched she then bought!! I ended up having to drag her away from some, especially when I heard her say "but look, wait! its a toilet brush with a spatula end!"...ugh. nobody needs that in their life!

I favored the make up demonstrations as I pretty rubbish when it comes to applying make up so anything that helps is good by me. I had my eyebrows stenciled which I had never even considered before but actually loved a bolder brow for a different look. I opted against posting the photo of me having it done, with the transparent stencil stuck to my face I did resemble Jason from the Halloween films! Creepy!

The stalls we both could agree on was the ones with the massage equipment ready and waiting for testing. There were quite a few dotted around the Ideal Home Show that we probably ended up 'testing' a new one every half an hour! They should consider having these in shopping malls, it definitely kept me going whilst lugging around heavy shopping!

I really had an amazing day out with my sister at the Ideal Home Show. We left well massaged, inspired, loaded down with plenty of goodies! Good eyebrows and achy cheeks from all the laughing! I use to think it was sad to admit that my sister is my best friend but now I just feel extremely blessed! Well done mum, you did good!

The Ideal Home Show 2016 is from 18th March - 3rd April you can buy your tickets HERE

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  1. Oh my days, this post brought back a fair few laughs! I can't believe I was so hooked by the sales pitches - I am a total sucker! The loo brush though - I actually said that out loud! Hahaha

    I had the best time with you sis.

    Love you, love your blog!


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