Thursday, 31 March 2016

Little Mashers Chalk + Talk Book Review

I am always on the look out for new things to keep the Little Lad entertained, crafts, books, baking! Anything to keep them away from the TV/iPad or just to give me a little peace and quiet for a short while. Both of the Little Lads love to draw so I jumped at the chance to review these new Little Mashers Chalk + Talk chalkboard books.

The Little Mashers Chalk +Talk Chalkboard Books are made from 100% cotton with soft chalkboard pages. Little master pieces can be easily wiped away with a damp cloth (or even thrown in the washing machine if they get really creative!) so no need to carry around paper or heavy pads. Being cotton, I loved that it can easily roll up to pop in my bag, their rucksack or the back of the car seat without ruining the shape.

Tiger quite enjoyed reading the little statements printed in the book and then creating his own speech bubbles or practicing his best hand writing. Quite a lot of his speech bubbles had the word 'POO' in it! I chose not to take a photo of them no matter how much he begged!

I'm totally in love with Tiger's self portrait! We had loads of fun making silly faces, wiping them out and creating new ones. This face is great for Beaux who is just learning to draw. He really enjoyed adding his eyes, nose, mouth (and bogies on!)

...And when they've finally finished drawing there is a handy little pocket at the back of the book to keep the chalk in. 

We really liked the Little Mashers Chalk + Talk Chalkboard book. Its great for taking out and about on journeys, when eating out or just during quiet time. You can easily wipe it clean when its full and the creating can continue. Its perfect for Beaux as its mess free and I don't have to worry about pen stained fingers or clothes. These chalkboard books look great and would definitely make excellent educational and fun gift.


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