Friday, 4 March 2016

The Best High Street Wedding Dresses

John Lewis Bridal
You all knew it was coming, I did warn you!! The Wedding! Sorry but there will be lots of wedding chat coming up. After SIX years of being engaged The Mister and I are finally getting hitched August this year. Wedding prep is well on the way, venues have been booked, invites have been sent AND most importantly (okay maybe not most importantly) I have my wedding dress!!

I know lots of women since they were little girls have had in their minds what their ideal wedding day would be, what type of dress they might wear, their venue, what type of cake they would like but for me I never really thought about it, I just hadn't. So when I started looking for my dress I had no preconceived ideas about what my ideal dress would even look like. So after browsing Pinterest for inspo I got looking online.

We don't have a huge budget for our wedding and I've never dreamed of having a wedding dress that costs thousands or even hundreds of pound so I started checking out what the high street had to offer and I was pleasantly surprised ! I found mine in an unlikely high street store and I just love it!

FYI before I go any further none of these dresses are my chosen dress, I want to keep that a secret for now but I was seriously tempted by all of these stunning high street wedding dresses (especially number 2) which all cost under £300 

1. ASOS £100
2. House of Fraiser £290
3. Virgo Lounge £98
4.BHS £95
5. Phase Eight sale £245

TIP: I've quite quickly learnt that when buying something for the wedding, the moment you put the word 'wedding' in front of it, it doubles in price. Therefore when searching for my wedding dress online I typed in words like prom dress, or white maxi dress (especially when searching designer stores) or white evening dresses. You may not find what you are looking for if you are looking for a 'princess type wedding dress with a long train' but if you are looking for something simple, classic, stylish or just a bit different give it ago, you will save hundreds! 


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