Friday, 8 April 2016

Wedding Invites and Save The Date Magnets

I thought it might be nice to give you a sneak peek into our wedding plans and share some details of our wedding prep leading up to the big day.

To start with I wanted to show you our Save the Date and Wedding Magnetic Invites. I love stationary so I quite enjoyed searching for and then designing our invites. 

Like many families the kitchen is the hub of our home and our fridge has the most important information on it, The Littles work of art, certificate/rewards we are proud out of, my favorite photos made into magnets (I often get asked about these, they are from Lalalab use discount code PG9UP11C for a £5 discount) masses of  holiday magnets we've collected along the way and of course special invitations. So I thought it would be nice to make our invites itself magnetic. 

I've used Vista Print for my business cards, calendars and invites before so they are my go to. Just because I know the quality is excellent, software is easy to use and there are always discount codes to be found. 

There are also like a trillion different preset designs to choose from or you can very easily upload your own. Both of my save the date and wedding invites were preset designs so I only had to enter our information.  

I was really impressed with how they both looked when they arrived and they went down well with our guests. 

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  1. Truly, these wedding invitation cards are just fantastic. I like idea of using custom invitations and save date magnets for wedding party. My friend will be marrying soon at destination wedding venues NYC and I would love to suggest this brilliant idea to her. Thanks for sharing this useful post!


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