Sunday, 10 April 2016

Introducing Five Boys Clothing - Cool Boy Clothes

I'm really excited to introduce you to Five Boys Clothing, an online shop selling a great range of quality, cool boys clothes.

I initially contacted Five Boys Clothing as I really loved the concept of a boys only online shop, heavens knows there are plenty of girl only shops out there!

Five Boys Clothing was created by two lovely mamas and long time friends. They have five boys between them and wanted to create an online shop of boys clothes. They were keen to make sure they sold good quality, long lasting clothes that look great growing into as well as growing out of and they've done exactly that. 
The Little Lads have started taking an interest in the clothes they wear so when we are asked to do a review I tend to let them choose, to be honest they couldn't have made a bad choice at Five Boys Clothing as their collection is just fab!

I knew Beaux would head straight for the Lion of Leisure dinosaur t-shirt being that he is obsessed with dinosaurs! Tiger chose the Lion of Leisure octopus t-shirt as he loved that the tentacles spell out the word 'peace'. They couldn't wait for them to arrive. 

I'm a sucker for packaging, the clothes always seem more special, more loved when they arrive well presented. The Lion of Leisure t-shirts come in their own little cotton drawstring bag with the most amazing lion illustration. I've already reused these bags for storing the Little Lads pants and socks in when we spent a night away from home.

Also in the little drawstring bag there was a beautifully detailed Lion of Leisure tattoo transfer. Tiger couldn't wait to get his on and washed around it for days! I think it lasted for about four days before I made him scrub it off!!

The Lion of Leisure t-shirts themselves are organic cotton and super soft! And the detail of the octopus illustration especially is so intricate, like a piece of art. Both myself and the little lads are so pleased with them. The design is printed directly on to the t-shirts (not transfers) so will wash and iron well. 

I ordered Beaux age 3yrs and Tiger age 7yrs, the sizing is quite generous but I'm a fan of oversized t-shirts and skinny jeans, plus these Littles grow at an alarming rate so will definitely grow into them quite quickly. 

We love our Lion of Leisure t-shirts from Five Boys Clothing, they were packaged well, the quality is faultless and the unique design is amazing. Happy mama, happy little lads. 

I had to include this photo of Tiger, his face is just priceless!! Tough gig being a Bloggers kid!

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