Monday, 23 May 2016

Life Lately - Kid Free Weekend

Last weekend The Mister and I had a kiddie free weekend. We needed to go to  London to check out our new wedding rings and see if we could cross a few others wedding related 'to dos' off.

I've decided on a non traditional wedding ring so we set off to a studio in Hackney Wick to see it. I don't think I've actually ever been to that part of Hackney before and I was in street art heaven! I couldn't wait to get my camera out like a true tourist and get snapping away.

There was just so much amazing street art to look at along the way, the contrast of the bright vibrant art and the canal was just gorgeous. 

Once we finished looking at the rings (I love mine even more in real life and it's currently being made, but that's for a later post) We stopped for a tasty German barbecued hotdog along the canal and headed off to Covent Gardens to seek out a wedding suit for The Mister.

One vintage shirt, a couple of geeky comic books and most importantly one wedding suit later we were all shopped out! We have both been watching what we eat in the lead up to the big day but you can't be good every day! I've been craving Chinese so we hit China Town, ate too much, had a few drinks and headed home. 

It was just the nicest day and I will look back on it fondly when I look at my wedding ring.


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  1. What a lovely post - looks like you two had a fab day!! I can't wait to see the ring x


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