Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Playtex Ideal Beauty Wireless Bra

My bras have always felt pretty comfortable and always looked like a good fit so I've put off getting my boobs professionally measured. However the other day I had a moment to myself without the Little Lads and as I've recently lost a little weight I thought I should get them measured. Well, it turns out I've actually been wearing bras two (yes TWO!) sizes too small! my poor poor boobs!

I have been treating myself to some new correct sized bras and really felt especially with my new size that I struggled to find a good supportive wireless everyday bra which would give me good support.

I was contacted by Playtex and was told about their new wireless bra Playtex Ideal Beauty, it gives amazing lift, support and is super light and silky soft. Its a great every day bra and exactly what I needed in my bra collection.

To celebrate the launch of Playtex's new Ideal Beauty Bra they wanted to challenge me to re-wire my wire and create some jewellery, I love a bit of crafts so excitedly accepted the challenge.

Tiger was really keen to make me a bracelet so I let him loose and tried not to interfere with his design, which killed me as I'm a little OCD about these things. But he did it all by himself and took his time. He was really please with the outcome and couldn't wait for me to see it. 

He asked me to close my eyes and put it on my wrist, he was so sweet and proud of his creation. I promised him that I couldn't wear it everyday, as he asked me to, but I would definitely treasure it forever.


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