Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Britmums Live 16 with Boots Soltan

At the weekend I was invited by Boots Soltan to attend Britmums Live 16 the UKs largest Parent Bloggers conference. I have been to Britmums Live a couple of times before and know that it's a great time to catch up with friends, meet new blogger, learn tricks of trade from some of the best and connect with fantastic brands, so I was super excited to be going!

I travelled to London on Friday to have lunch with the lovely ladies at Boots Soltan and discuss the importance of sun care along with some of my very favorite bloggers Emma Life According to Mrs Shilts Jess Mummy of Girl Boy Twins Katie Mummy Daddy Me Alex Bump to Baby and Fritha Tigerlilly Quinn . They had a VISIA machine which measures any UVA damage (UVA is the sun damage which penetrates deeper, the one that causes skin aging) so we all could have a go while eating mini burgers and quiches, you know as you do! I was looking forward to having a go as I was really curious to know if I had any UVA damage myself. What I learnt that day really actually shocked me!

I've always put sun cream on the little lads, but for myself I might use a sun cream if I'm on holiday and the sun is really hot. But because of my brown skin I'm not worried about burning so I may forget to reapply or just not bother at all, brown skin doesn't get damage from the sun, Right? Wrong!! So very wrong!

The machine showed that although my skin to look at was reasonable clear, free from many blotches or wrinkles, underneath told a totally different story!! Across my forehead, cheeks and nose had sun damage! In fact my 'Skin Age' was FORTY THREE years of age!! Nine years more than my actual age! It was a huge shock for me! Luckily the skin care expert explained that if I was careful and used the correct SPF sun cream for me (check out yours here) I can begin to reduce those years. So since then I've been smothering myself in Boots Soltan sun cream!! 

There were a few other facts I took away from the meeting which I never knew before. 

- A t-shirt can provide protection from the sun (I knew this) but once wet it provides little to no protection at all! (did not know that!)

- You are still at risk of UVA/UVB damage even when under shelter. Even though you are reducing your risk the sun's ray still reflects off surfaces like sand, water and even grass!

- All of Boots Soltan products are 5 rated, because they give the highest level of protection against UVA, the sun’s rays that cause deeper down damage. The level of protection against burning is shown by the SPF. Higher SPFs give more protection.

Click here to get the full down low on why you should use Boots Soltan Sun cream for your whole family.

Saturday was the day of Britmums Live, I had a couple of sessions  I was really keen to go to, but mostly I wanted to catch up with friends, meet some Bloggers I chat with online but haven't met in person and talk with some of the brands I'd love to work with and of course, try my luck at winning some competitions! I didn't have an agenda for the day and that worked perfectly for me.

I wandered, I chatted, I laughed, I learnt, I ate yummy food and I felt part of a great blogging community. It really was a lovely weekend.

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  1. It was so good to see you again - although I don't think I saw you at BML at all! x

    1. You too gorgeous. BML16 is always a bit of a whirlwind but it was good to see you xx

  2. Lovely to see you and spend some time together, our photo rocked and clearly should have won ;)

    1. Clearly! I demand a recount!! So good to hang out with you xx

  3. GREAT to meet you! Was such a lovely weekend and I especially enjoyed the Friday! Was great chatting and getting to know you. Super stylish in real life! xx

  4. It was so lovely to spend time with you Carissa, I still can't believe the results from putting my face in the VISIA machine, shocking!! Glad you had a lovely weekend xx


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