Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Pre Hen Do Holiday in Albufeira

I've just returned from my pre-hen holiday in the Algarve in Portugal with my mum and sister and had the most amazing long weekend. 

We booked our holiday in Portugal back in February on a bit of a budget. Our only requirements was there was plenty of sunshine, good food and was close to a sandy beach. 

We came across an Easy Jet Holiday to Albufeira well within our budget, in fact the whole package (flights and accommodation was cheaper than most flights to Faro!!) I didn't have high hopes for the apartment, but went with the theory that it's only a long weekend and we wouldn't be spending that much time actually there anyway. 

So you can imagine our joy when we arrived and it was just stunning! Fresh white apartments, all filled to the brim with climbing flowers. In every direction there was a beautiful view of palm trees, stunning pools, orange trees, tree with lilac leaves! My heart sank a little when I remembered that I didn't bring my 'proper camera' only my iPhone. We were in photography heaven and I wanted to capture it all. 
Our apartment itself, although basic was fresh, clean, quite traditional and so spacious. We knew instantly that we were in for an amazing holiday and totally high fived each other at the brilliant bargain we'd found. 

After that it was a whirl wind of trying to squeeze as much into three days as we possible could. 

On our first day we headed to the beach, a 10 minute walk from the apartment. We sipped Malibu and pineapple cocktails, sunbathed and chatted. The dynamic between myself, my sister and mum is fantastic, we are like best friends and share EVERYTHING! We are all over sharers so anything goes and there's always huge belly laughs and cackles from whichever corner of the room we are (apparently I have a loud laugh when I really get going, which is news to me!) No one quite makes me laugh like my mum and sister, we all have a similar dirty, dry sense of humor and just get each other. 
After the beach we headed into Old Town Albufeira, I was wowed by the beautiful fresh white stone walls, bright orange terracotta tiles against the bright blue cloudless sky. It was so beautiful, I hadn't seen anything like it before. 

We browsed the markets which unlike a lot of markets I've been to on holiday were filled with good quality bits and bobs. I wanted it all but was reasonably restrained, my favorite buy a black soft leather chained bag. It's so stunning and was really reasonably priced. My sister bought a gorgeous leather fringed oversized saddle bag which she literally hasn't stopped talking about since! 

After the market we ate clams and drank more cocktails whilst looking out to sea. We had plans to go out OUT that evening so headed back to our apartment for a little disco nap, an actually real life undisturbed nap during the day. If you have kids, you will know this is the stuff dreams are made of! 

That evening we ate steak and monk fish, drank house Rose (which goes down far too smoothly and is lethal stuff!) and danced the night away on the Albufeira Strip.

We didn't go to bed until the early hours of the morning so decided that Sunday was a 'chill by the infinity pool and drink more Malibu cocktails' kinda day. It was so relaxing, everything I've been craving recently. 

Later that afternoon we got on our glad rags, okay vest dresses and sliders! And went back to Old Town to try Catapalana, a Portuguese dish of a mixture of fish and shell fish in a tomato sauce. I'm a little weary of fish as anything too fishy tasting can put me right off the rest of my meal. I didn't need to worry as it was so fresh and just delicious. 

Monday was our last day, as our flight was later that evening we stayed locally, I bought little gifts for the little lads and lady, we ate ice cream and hung out by the pool.
My pre-hen was everything that I hoped it would be. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time! Albufeira was gorgeous and I will definitely be returning with my little family, I couldn't help but picture them there and know that it would also make a great family holiday too. 

During the holiday I kept looking at my beautiful mum and gorgeous sister and just felt truly happy and lucky to have them in my life. 



  1. Ah this looks like just such a beautiful break and I am envious of your amazing relationship with the women in your life. Love the photos of the three of you and love your hair! x

  2. Portugal looks amazing and you all look like you had a lovely time.


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