Monday, 20 June 2016

The Littles Wedding Outfits

Eek I can't believe it's only 7 weeks until The Mister and I get hitched, I still haven't turned into Brideszillar (yet) but there's always time. So far, touch wood, things are coming together nicely and I'm managing to cross off some of my 'To Do' List. The Littles outfits being one of them.

The Mister and I had very different ideas about what we wanted The Little Lads to dress in, I wanted very relaxed and informal. As the wedding is in August we are hoping for sunny weather, so I pictured smart shorts, short sleeves linen shirts, braces and bow ties but The Mister wanted full on suited and booted, mini versions of his suit.

I managed to find a couple of really lovely suits for them both, which actually, although it wasn't my vision they look absolutely gorgeous in. I can neither confirm nor deny that a little tear crept out when I first saw them in them. We decided on suits for the ceremony then a little outfit change into these sweet suit shorts and short sleeved shirt at the reception so they are more comfortable.

As I am only having my sister and Violet as bridesmaid I gave them a rough colour scheme and let them choose their own dresses. Violet's style has really come into its own and I'm constantly telling her how lovely she looks so I was really excited to see what type of dress she would choose. 

We stumbled across this Bardot dress in River Island, not the sort of shop I was expecting to find her dress but it's just perfect. Not too frilly, not too young or too mature, just perfect! It looks beautiful on her, we've dressed it up with a flower crown and some blingtastic ASOS shoes. I've bought her a couple of other accessories but I'm keeping them a secret from her and giving them to her on the morning of the wedding.

I can wait to see all three of them dressed up together. Both of the Little Lads are ring bearers and Violet is doing a reading. Tissues at the ready!


  1. They are going to look so lovely! I can't wait to see you dressed up either! x

  2. Beautiful and so smart!! You have such amazing taste and these colours are lovely. GREAT meeting you this weekend, you're even more gorgeous in real life! Lovely weekend xx


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