Monday, 11 July 2016

Family Boat Hire - Summer Experience

This weekend felt a bit special, with all the hustle and bustle of the wedding prep we decided to dedicate this weekend to just family time. We were sent on a summer experience of our choosing by those lovely people at Boots Soltan, we chose to hire a boat for the day and have been looking forward to it for weeks! Living close to the river we often see families sailing up and down the Thames, it always looks like so much fun and we swore we would do the same 'some day' and this weekend we felt so grateful to be able to tick it off our summer bucket list.

We packed a picnic, a couple of blankets, some waterproofs and of course our Soltan Sun Cream! It was a little overcast but having met with a Boots Skin Expert a few weeks back (read about it hereI knew that the sun rays are particularly stronger on water due to the reflection. I also knew that even through clouds the UVA and UVB rays can come through so I wanted to be careful. Soltan to the rescue!! All of Soltan’s products have 5★ protection- the highest rating against UVA- the rays responsible for deeper damage and aging. With our Soltan on, we were ready to face the day- Beaux insisted on packing our old dress up captain hat, so essential stuff really!”

We had hired a little blue and white six seater electric boat and set off from the gorgeous quaint village of Wallingford. We've been on plenty of short boat rides with the Little Lads before but never one we had to sail or moor ourselves but everyone was super excited, especially as we had promised everyone a go at being captain. 

The electric boat was really easy to sail, start it up, pull the leaver forward to go forward, the further forward the faster it goes (all 10mph of it!) And backwards to reverse, really simple stuff, even Tiger got to grips with it within minutes although he's a bit of an adrenaline junky and kept screaming 'let's go faster, MUCH FASTER!'

His little face so excited to be sailing, with his wide wild slightly manic smile. He was sat on The Misters lap, all the while he gave him instructions with a proud 'that's my boy' smile on his face. These sort of moments make my heart ache with such pride and I want to remember them forever.

Beaux couldn't quite get the concept of steering, whizzing the steering wheel from side to side like we were in a make believe race car! Pretending sea monsters were lurking in the reeds and blowing his whistle to scare them off.

It honestly was so much fun. I had been a little worried that it might be stressful sailing, mooring and watching to make sure no one was falling over board but they were so happy and content helping us sail, looking out for monster and waving to everyone we saw that I relaxed almost instantly.

We had planned to stop and have a picnic but our boat had a little table so we just set it up on board. We did moor for a while so we could stretch our legs and let the little lads run about and play. Then we headed back. 

The journey back was less excitable, we had all gotten used to the boat and The Mister had taken over and sailed us back. We spotted king fishers diving for fish and huge prehistoric looking herons which flew over heads. The little lads made a little den with the cushions and blankets and relaxed, the gentle sways of the river was so calming that they could have easily taken a little nap. I even got to put my feet up and really take in the view, it was absolute bliss.

We can't stop talking about our boat ride, it was such an amazing summer experience! We are now considering a boating holiday as the little lads love the idea of sleeping on a barge, fishing and sailing our days away.

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  1. Just WOW! What a superb idea and such a fun day :) Totally want to do this myself and what stunning photos. Great post xx

  2. What a fantastic experience! We sailed up the Thames on a boat after my friends wedding in Windsor and it was brilliant. So glad you had a lovely day x


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