Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Mess Free Rainy Days Activity

Typical, our first official day of the summer holidays when both little lads have finished nursery and school and it rains! We've had such glorious weather recently and we've made the most of the sun shine so actually we don't mind a duvet day. Staying in our pants and PJs until lunch time, cuddling up on the sofa watching films and getting out those rainy days activities.

Recently I bought these very cool Rosie Wonders temporary tattoos from my favourite kids accessories shop Little & Fierce and promised The Littles we could all get tattooes during the summer holidays. Temporary tattoos are one of my favourite rainy day activity to do with The Littles, they are so easy to use and mess free!

Simply cut around your favourite design, decide where you want the temporary tattoo, peel of the clear film and place on clean dry skin. I usually use a damp kitchen towel to wet the back of the temporary tattoo and after 20 seconds they seem to slide away revealing a perfect tattoo. The Littles were so pleased with their designs.

We really love the Rosie Wonders temporary tattoo, the designs are amazing with lots of colourful fun detail. Even The Mister got a couple of temporary tattoos and I loved mine. Tiger and Beaux insist on carefully washing around the temporary tattoos so they last longer, they will keep theirs on for a few days until I insist they washed them off. They come off with a good scrub with a flannel or sponge, I use a little baby oil too as the come off a lot quicker and smoother. Such a great, mess free rainy day activity we will definitely be doing again this summer holidays.


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  1. The kids have these in their stockings at Xmas (ssh). We love tattoos here xx


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