Thursday, 28 July 2016

Top Tips for Swimming Safely with Young Children this Summer

Hooray! Hoorah! The summer holidays are upon us and we can't wait! As a family we love nothing more than swimming, it could be swimming in a pool on holiday, or paddling in the sea or just splashing around at our local lido but one things is for sure we want everyone to be safe.

I've been working with ABTA looking at Top Tips for Swimming Safely this summer.

1. Get everyone water ready. Tiger has been having swimming lessons twice a week, once with his school and privately at our local swimming pool. He's can now swim unaided and is beginning to brush up on his technic. He can't wait to test our his new swimming skills this summer and although we will need to still keep a close eye on him, I will feel more relaxed when he's in the pool.

2. Be aware of your abilities. This goes for the children as well as us adults. Although Beaux is very confident in the water, he can't actually swim! We will always make sure he wears water aids and accompanied by an adult. I can swim but I'm not a particularly strong swimmer so I never go out too far in the sea.

3. Follow safety advise. Speak to reps, hoteliers or local people about pools and local beaches and beach currents. Read the pool safety rules before you swim and remember, not all holiday accommodations employ lifeguards. 

4. Just be aware of your surroundings. Always follow pool rules, pool safety signs and local signs. Check for warning flags and signage on the beach. Make sure you know the layout of the pool, where the shallow and the deep end is (before you jump in!). Be aware of dangerous beach currents or dangers caused by the tides (learn how to spot a rip tide here) It's best to avoid swimming in these areas completely. Obvious stuff really but I know when everyone is excited to get in the pool or splash in the sea it can be a little manic but its just better to look out for these things.

5. Stay SAFE with the RLSS UK's code
  • Spot - spot the dangers
  • Advice - follow safety signs and advice 
  • Friend - stay close to a friend or family member
  • Emergency - shout for help and call 999 or 112
The RLSS UK has tips and information as well as courses and awards designed to help you and your family stay safe. Visit  for more information. 

Swimming is probably one of the things we most look forward to on our summer holidays, we will be practising these swim safe rules to ensure we enjoy our holidays to the fullest.

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