Thursday, 21 July 2016

Unusual Wedding Rings - Frilly By Lily

If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter you will know that I was really unsure of whether to have an unusual wedding band or something more classic. I felt an unusual wedding band would be 'more me' and something I would love to look at, but for how long?

My style changes daily depending on my mood, so would an unusual ring which I plan to never take off go with all these different styles? Would I be better off having a wedding band that was classic, delicate, which easily compliments my other jewellery. So I set off down my local high street to try on some traditional wedding bands. 

As I began trying wedding bands on I realised something, I just wasn't excited! It was just something I had to buy. Surely a piece of jewellery I am going to wear FOREVER should be something that I love, excited to show off and wear. I felt right then that I needed something a little more unusual, a ring that represented my taste and style and generally a wedding ring just 'a bit more me'

At home, I trawled the Internet for 'unusual wedding rings' and this is how I found my wedding ring.
My gorgeous non traditional chunky, yet still very elegant gold Feather Ring was designed by the lovely Lily, owner of Frilly By Lily, it also comes in silver and ROSE GOLD (incredible pretty) The moment I saw this feather ring my heart skipped a beat and I knew it was the one for me.  I had to see it right away so we visited Frilly by Lily at her super cool studio in Hackney Wick (you can read more about this HERE) After trying it on I fell in love even harder!

We hadn't planned for The Mister to buy his ring from Frilly By Lily but he was so impressed with her Unusual Wedding Bands that he decided to have a look at the Men's Wedding Bands. He never wears any jewellery so wanted something a little unusual too and decided on this matte 6mm palladium wedding band and it's just perfect.

We feel like we've found the most perfect wedding bands for us and then to top it off we are totally in love with the unusual perspex sliding boxes they were delivered in!! These are the little boxes the Little Lads will be carefully carrying down the aisle, they are so unusual and definitely very cool.

Frilly By Lily is turning out to be one of my most favourite contemporary jewellers. Her range is quirky, cool without being too in your face and truly wearable. If you love our wedding bands you really need to go see her whole range, especially her Ancient Awe range, simply stunning.



  1. They look stunning hunny- xx

  2. What a lovely post. Thank you for all your kind words. You were a pleasure to work with too!!! Xxx

  3. I love both of the rings! Can't wait until the big day.....

  4. Your rings suit you perfectly - how beautiful! LOVE your leaf ring x

  5. Gorgeous and so unique too :) Love it and can't wait to hear more. Have a superb day xx

  6. They are gorgeous. Off to have a look. I lost my wedding ring 2 years ago now and it still makes me so sad. Xx


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