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Honeymoon in Cuba

It's not that our wedding wasn't amazing (it really was) but if I'm honest from the moment we booked our honeymoon in Cuba I was counting down the days. Not only were we heading off to paradise but heading to paradise alone with no children. The last holiday abroad we had alone was back in 2010!! I do absolutely love travelling with The Littles, their enthusiasm and excitement for EVERYTHING but let's face it, it's hardly relaxing, you can't take your eyes off them for a second and then the constant demands! So yes, we were all freshly loved up and looking forward to our honeymoon in Cuba.

Our honeymoon began at the airport, leisurely duty free shopping, early G&Ts and undisturbed lunch, then on the plane choosing films and watching it from beginning to end without a thousand toilet trips or breaking up fights. It was bliss! I didn't bat an eyelid at the nine hour flight, being made to stay seated watching films you have chosen, while being fed food and drinks, yes, absolute bliss!

We stayed in Varadero at the stunning Hotel Royal Hicacos Resort and Spa , we decided on an adults only hotel, not because we were 'anti kid honeymooners' but because although we were excited to be alone we knew we would also be missing The Littles, so thought it might be easier not seeing families making memories with theirs.

Hotel Royal Hicacos was gorgeous! although contemporary and modern there was still Cuban touches, colourful apartments, thatched roofs, it was perfect amount of traditional meets luxury. We stayed all inclusive which meant we constantly had a mojito or rum punch in our hands. We also had a butler (yes! I know) he was lovely and so helpful but we really couldn't get to grips with this service, I'm just too use to doing things for myself.

It took The Mister a day or two to really get into things and by 'things' I mean lounging by the pool, beach or jacuzzi.  I, on the other hand was an absolute flipping natural, working my way through book after book and soaking in the sun. I really know how to relax!

The beach was just a minute away from the pool and was beautiful, white sand, palm trees crystal clear blue warm sea. To show willing we took out a pedalo boat but the Cuban sun is made for lounging in, the most strenuous thing I did was swim. 

We did manage to pull ourselves away from the sun loungers a few times to explore the local area and I was desperate to visit Havana, which was a three hour drive away. We did plan to take an awesome pink cadillac there but was scared off, they look awesome but they have no suspension and due to their age are constantly breaking down. So instead we booked an excursion with Thomas Cook which included a guided tour coach, tour around Havana, lunch, a quick change at a hotel in Havana, dinner then a night out at Club Tropicana we didn't get back to our hotel until 3am so it was a long (but amazing) day.

Havana itself was everything I hoped for, colourful buildings, classic cars, street art and artist and beautiful people. I could have done without the tour, I have a short attention span and all I really wanted to do was wander off with The Mister, camera in hand and take a closer look at what we found interesting. Generally I felt safe in Havana there was a lot of people trying to sell us stuff, which I am a sucker for! But no one was aggressive if we weren't interested.

Club Tropicana was a highlight, a full on colourful production outside under the stars. The Mister wasn't really looking forward to it but even he left wowed. The singing, dancing, costumes and atmosphere (drinking complimentary rum and smoking cigars) it was electric! truly a must see.

A ten minute open top bus drive from Hotel Royal Hicacos is a little market town with lots of stalls selling holiday knickknacks and I was pleasantly surprised to not see any horrible little plastic toys! The majority was handmade, out of leather, coconut shells, seashells and wood. There was also a lot of upcycling too, caps, toys and bag made out of frizzy drink can. 

We took a stroll away from the main strip, down a side road looking for ice creams and stumbled across a beautiful beach, I mean all the beaches in Cuba are beautiful but this beach, the sand was extra fine and the sea was extra blue. It was stunning. We felt like we had stumbled across a true gem.

That week we also went out on a catamaran which turned out to be my most favourite day. We sunbathed at the front of catamaran drank VODKA mixers (I was craving anything other than rum at that point! Rum in Cuba is easier to get than a bottle of water!) and danced to music. 

We stopped to do a bit of snorkelling, I could swim amongst the colourful tropical fishes forever! Other than sunbathing its one of my favourite things to do on holiday.

Next we swam with dolphins! I won't lie 'swimming with dolphins' was not on my bucket list and leading up to it I was petrified! But I knew if I didn't do it I would always regret that I wasn't brave enough to give it ago. The dolphins were much bigger and faster than I ever imagined and I'm sure our dolphin could sense my fear and kept giving me 'the side eye' but we put our differences aside, he gave me a kiss and I actually enjoyed the experience. 

Cuba for us was the perfect honeymoon destination, we relaxed, we saw and did things neither of us had experienced before and we absolutely loved the culture. I am already talking about returning for our anniversary, maybe next time we could share the experience with The Littles....maybe


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  1. Love. Ashley proposed to me on a Cuban beach. I have such fond memories of our first holiday ever together in Cuba.
    Looks like an amazing hotel xxx


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