Sunday, 11 September 2016

The Likely Wedding

Well what an awesome August we have just had!!! We got hitched, been on our honeymoon to Cuba and then on our family holiday to Marseille. No wonder I have 'end of summer' blues. That was until Kristine at Laine Apine our amazing wedding photographer sent us our wedding photos and cheered me right up! She really captured the day and I sobbed my way through them (happy tears, of course!)

I don't want to forget a minute of the wedding day so I wanted to share it here. 

The night before the wedding I shared a hotel room with my sister and Violet (my only bridesmaids) we spent the night talking about the wedding, prepping our hair and nails and laughing. My sister shared the 'speech that never made the grade' with us and between you and I, I'm glad she ditched it! Just thinking of it now makes me feel all clammy!! Somethings should DEFINITELY just be kept between sisters. 

I tried to get a decent nights sleep but I couldn't, I tossed and turned all night and eventually admitted defeat and began to get ready (quietly) at 5am!! I had decided to do my own hair and makeup, with the help of my sister Tracey. As the wedding ceremony began early at 11am I had plenty to do! My mum joined us at the hotel to get ready and we spent the rest of the morning rushing around in a mad panic getting ready, it wasn't the slow paced, sipping Prosecco while taking photos that I had envisaged! But we all made it into our car on time with everyone looking stunning. 

The drive from the hotel to Shaw House Register Office was only a short drive and up until then I hadn't had any nerves. I mean The Mister and I have been together for nine years and have children together, it's wasn't exactly a shotgun wedding. But all of a sudden I became nervous, I was finally marrying the man I love in front of my most loved family and friends AND... what if I tripped up down the aisle!! 

As I stood just outside the doors of the ceremony room with Adele 'Feel My Love' playing, gripping a little too tightly to my mums arm (who gave me away) and desperately trying not to make eye contact with my sister, I could feel tears threatening to spill out. The Mister and I joked beforehand that I would be the Ice Maiden and him a blubbering mess as I don't normally cry when I'm happy, it's not an emotion I could relate to. But right then I could have sobbed, I just felt so overwhelmed with happiness.

Walking down the aisle was a bit of a blur, I remember my heart pounding hard in my chest, so hard I could swear everyone could see it. The Little Lads looked adorable in their little suits and The Mister looked so handsome. I wanted to curl up into his arms and cry but had I would have never stopped. It felt weird not acting in the way I would have normally. 

My nerves settled a little as Registrar did her introductions. My mum and my mother in law did beautiful readings, saving Violets reading until last.

Before the wedding I had asked Violet if she was nervous about doing her reading or if she wanted to practice it with me but she is super confident and use to reading to an audience at school, she assured me that she wasn't worried and would be fine. And as she began reading, slowly, clearly, smiling at our friends and family, I felt so proud of the little lady she had turned into. The poem she had chosen was perfect but half way through she stopped, bowed her head to the pew and began to cry. My heart broke into a million pieces, she set me off and so many others in the room and I ran to her for a cuddle. She'd done so well and I know everyone in the room was so proud of her. 

After the readings I felt even more emotional and it was time for us to make our vows to each other. The Mister said his vows perfectly and I believed every word he said but when it came to mine and the word 'impediment' I just couldn't get it out!! The poor Registrar had to break it down into syllables for me, like you do with young children when they are learning new words!!! Everyone including myself were laughing and it really broke the tension. The Mister then couldn't figure out which hand was my left hand to place the ring on and we all had a giggle about that too! Those moments felt like they set the tone for our wedding day, lots of laughter and a relaxed happy day. 

We said our 'I do's' (eventually!) the Registrar announced us as Mr & Mrs and we left with huge smiles on our faces to James Brown 'I feel good' and I really did feel good, I felt amazing!!!

After congratulations and photos we arrived at our reception to lovely lovely Pimms! We had decided on a small intimate wedding and found the most perfect location. The Red House Pub a little thatched roof pub out in the countryside. The sun was shining brightly so we all sat in the garden on benches covered with lace tablecloths, drank Pimms and played lawn games. 

The time flew by and before we knew it the sun had set, the drinks were flowing and we were making moves on the dance floor. Beforehand we had sent the DJ a playlist of songs chosen by ourselves and our guests which meant no excuses to not shake a tail feather!!

Our wedding day was the most magical day of my life, it was everything I hoped it would be, happy, relaxed, fun and full to the brim with love and laughter. I know it's not traditional to marry after having children but we felt so lucky to share such a special day with ours, they keep talking about it and refer to it as 'our wedding' which really makes me smile. 

A huge thank you to Kristine at Laine Apine Photography who captured the day perfectly

The Red House Pub for being there every step of the way and making our day stress free. By the end of day you felt like one of the guests. 

Frilly By Lily for our beautiful wedding rings.

Mon Cherie Flowers for mine and the bridesmaid beautiful bouquet, they were everything I hoped for. 



  1. Absolutely gorgeous! You all look stunning, and massive congratulations to you both! Xx

    1. Thank you!! We really did have the most amazing day xx

  2. Amazing. Really was the most beautiful day xxx

    1. Thank you!! I hope you've received your thank you card/magnet, sorry they are late! Xxx

  3. Oh Carissa I was close to tears catching up on this, that bit when Violet broke down doing her reading! *sob*
    What a beautiful wedding day you had and such gorgeous pictures xxx

  4. I actually have tears reading this. No lies. You can read and imagine how emotional and beautiful it was.
    You can feel the love from everyone in your words.
    Thank you for sharing.
    That last photo. I hope you have printed it xxx


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