Tuesday, 4 October 2016

FIVE Reasons to Holiday in Marseille with Children

It feels crazy to still be talking about our summer holiday we had in Marseille, especially as autumn loveliness is all around us. But I thought  I should write a little post about our family holiday in Marseille as everyone keeps asking me why we chose to go to Marseille and if it was any good for children.

Earlier on the year we had decided that we would go to Cuba on our honeymoon, we had the option to either go for two weeks with The Littles or alone for a week and a smaller holiday with the children (spoiler alert) we decided on Cuba alone! We did originally plan to take The Littles to Centre Parc with friends of ours but at the time of booking the summer hadn't really gotten started and we all were craving the sunshine. Another friend recommended Marseille to us as a family holiday, I always thought of Marseille as a city break rather than a family holiday but actually I was wrong and we had an amazing time! Here are my five reasons to consider a Holiday in Marseille with children:-

1. Short Flight - The flight from Gatwick was an hour and thirty minutes long. Just enough time for The Littles to watch a film on their tablets and not have a chance to ask 'are we there yet'

2. Its HOT!!! If you are a sun worshiper like we are and like your holidays with plenty of sunshine then Marseille is one for you! The sun arrives in late April and sticks around until late Sept. We went at the end of August and every day it was 30+ degrees, it did rain a little on one day but it didn't stick around for long.

3. Really Affordable - We booked an easy jet holiday and for a week it was considerably cheaper than a week to Centre Parcs. The hotel we stayed in Apart Hotel Marseille Plado Plage which was self catering and very basic, but it was clean and in a great location. It had everything we needed and The Littles made good use of the swimming pool.

4. Great Family Days Out - We were never stuck with what to do with the children. We used the Old Port in Marseille as a centre base where we had a ride on the infamous ferris wheel, took boat rides to smaller islands and visited museums. Along the port really lovely, lots of fishing boats and cafes and restaurants.

5. The Beaches - Okay the man made beaches aren't of Cuba standard but we found a really lovely sandy beach close to the Aparthotel, we took picnics, inflatables and happily spent the entire day at the beach, in fact we spent half of the holiday at the beaches

We also went on a boat ride to a small island from Old Port, the beach was in a small cove, the water was crystal clear, so clear in fact you could see fishes happily swimming away, which freaked Violet out at first! I'm not sure where she thought fishes swam!!!

As a family we had a lovely holiday in Marseille, we struggled with the self catering aspect as our hotel was really basic and we do love the ease of all inclusive especially with younger children. But, that meant we ate out quite a bit! Not that I'm complaining, I love to eat out!

The Littles loved the beaches, we loved the sunshine and the food. I loved the street art although I didn't get a chance to wander the back streets with my camera, maybe next time!


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  1. I would never have thought of Marseille so this is really great read. Looks lovely xx


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