Thursday, 13 October 2016

How to Create a Family Photo Wall

I'm a little bit in love with our polaroid style family photo wall. I was inspired by the lovely Kerri-Ann from Life as Our Little Family and Morgana from Coffee Work Sleep Repeat  photo walls so I was keen to create one of my own. 

This year I've been much better at printing off the images I've taken but mostly in photo book form which is lovely to look back on but I wanted to show off some of my favourite prints from this summer. 

Our downstairs toilet is quite small and lacked personality (because yes, I think every room should have a personality! Just me?) I've been boycotting it and up until recently it has been Beaux's own personal loo, so I thought it would be the perfect place to start my family photo wall and to eject a bit of life into it. 

Although I do have a polaroid camera, the film can be quite expensive and as I eventually want to cover all of the wall space in this room I decided to use LALALAB . LALALAB is my favourite photo printing app and they have an option to print your photos in a polaroid style, which is much more cost effective than using my polaroid camera. Plus the majority of these images were taken on my iPhone so it was really quick and easy to order and the quality of the photos themselves is incredible!

Rather than a random layout I decided to create a grid. I did it by eye but some aren't evenly spaced, so if that would drive you mad you might want to mark and make measurements before you begin. I just hung mine with blue tac but I also think decorative tape looks lovely, especially if you aren't hanging a huge amount of photos or if there is a large spaces between photos. If you are super clever you could also arrange the photos in a shape, I think a heart or hexagon shape would look awesome and would be a real statement. 

As I mentioned my wall isn't completed yet, I eventually want to cover all of the wall space. I want to add some from our family adventures from the different seasons and of other family and friends. Because these photos are polaroid style there is space to write on them, I will ask my friends and family to autograph their photos when they visit, a bit like a wall of fame!

I'm so surprised how much this family photo wall has livened up this tiny room. I love it and find myself having a look back at all of our little family adventures.


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