Sunday, 30 October 2016

Muddy Puddles Urban Woodland Event

This week we were invited to Muddy Puddles Urban Woodland Event at the amazing Kings Cross Skip Garden, what a great use of space! Skip Garden is a sustainable urban garden, absolutely everything is made with recycled materials. Skips made into mini gardens and vegetables patches, beehives and chicken coops! This little patch of green in the middle of a Kings Cross Development really is awesome and the little lads couldn't wait to explore. They loved climbing up and down into the skips and discovering what was growing there. 

Muddy Puddles put on a great event with plenty of arts and crafts, fantastic nature talks and science experiments. We ate delicious fancy pizza, toasted marshmallows and Beaux may have eaten his own weight in toffee apples!! We had such fab afternoon. 

The Little Lads were sent these cool Muddy Puddle lightening bolt Sherpa lined hooded tops, they are advertised as tops but they are more like jackets as they are so warm and snuggly, Tiger said it was like wearing a blanket! And I can't get over the pointy shaped hoods, they are adorable!

I'm all over Muddy Puddles outdoor wear, while they are practical all weather pieces they don't fall short when it comes to design, bold colours, unique prints and just amazing quality! You can really tell they were made with the hope that children stay outside playing and exploring no matter the weather. 

Another reason I've fallen for Muddy Puddles is because of all the charity work they do. Muddy Academy work with teachers in thousands of schools across the UK running outdoor family events. Their support for charity partners equip inner city children and refugees with warm clothes to protect them in the face of the harshest conditions. 

We had such a lovely day, this was actually the first time I have travelled to London with little lads alone as I sometimes get anxious travelling on the underground, but actually they loved every minute of it. While we are no strangers to exploring the countryside we don't visit London nearly enough, so this is something I plan to do more often. I can't wait to see what other little city gems we will discover.


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  1. This looks like such an awesome location for an event - so cool! x


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