Sunday, 2 October 2016

Our Living Room - A Sneak Peak

Since I started taking part in My Story over on Instagram some of you have asked me to do a little tour of our home. I did a tour of the little lads room as it was the first room to be finished when we moved in two years ago and I meant to do the rest of the rooms as and when they were finished but never got round to it (sorry!) but better late than never!

Our home is a very modest three bed, semi detached house, it's not grand or flushed with lots of fancy features but it's our happy family home, with lots and lots of little knickknacks we've picked up over the years. I love rummaging through old junk shops, at car boot sales and charity shops just to find little gems, it's one of my favourite past times. So expect to see plenty of those dotted around our house, I love to find them homes next to modern bits. I also love a little upcycling too and have a few piece here and there. 

Our living room was the last room to feel like home, which is strange as it is the room we as a family spend most of our time in. It wasn't until we had our grey carpet fitted a few months back, instead of the laminate flooring, that is really began to feel cosy to me. 

I didn't really have a colour scheme in mind to begin with until I fell in love with our curtains, then I suppose I tried to stick loosely to purple, blue and grey tones. I'm not overly fond of strict colour coordination and find a mishmash of light furnishings much more homely (plus it means I could just choose bits and pieces I like without having to really consider if it matches completely) especially with our scatter cushions,I've gone to town, none of them are the same! 

I have a thing for unusual mirrors and have started a feature wall of them, I only have a few that I've collected but hope to add to them in the future. Also this year I've really got into printing my photos and hanging them and have started a little photo gallery on the opposite wall.

Our living room is the first place I try to find homes for my little knickknacks but I'm running out of space! The Mister is the first to ask 'where are we going to put THAT?' when I fall in love with yet another 'find'. I am definitely a more is more kinda gal! 

Although I like to have a quick tidy up once the Little Lads have gone to bed or like a crazy lady moments before we have visitors, our house rarely feels OCD tidy. It's neat (occasionally) but I'm not too fussed that everything is in its particular place. It's definitely a 'kids woz 'ere' type home. I did once try to banish all toys to the playroom but it would seem that a small basket of toys of has appeared, which although I would never admit it to the Little Lads, I actually love it, it is after all a family home.

Friends often say that our living room is really homely and I love that! I've just counted (out of curiosity mostly) THIRTEEN cushions and three throws! I like to think of our living room as a place to get cosy, comfy, to have a cuddle and watch movies in.


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  1. This is my idea of a perfect home.
    You have amazing taste. One day we must go shopping. It will be costly and fun
    I too love trinkets. I have them everywhere and have to remind myself I don't care what people think as I love these things.

    I really want to see the wall of mirrors. I have a thing for mirrors. Especially cut glass ones xx


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