Sunday, 6 November 2016

How to choose the Perfect Red Lipstick in 3 Easy Steps

I've said it once I will say it again, red lips rocks and I believe there's a red shade lipstick for everyone! Red lips can brighten your face and give the illusion that you have made an effort to get ready in the mornings. It's my go to if I have a tired face or a plain boring outfit, it really gives me a little pick me up and only takes a couple minutes to apply.

I love bright and bold and I just choose whatever red shades I like the look of but if you are new to the world of red lipstick and are unsure of what shade red would suit you, then here are my 3 Steps to help find the perfect shade for you. 

Step 1. Skin Undertone - Decide whether your skin tone is either a cool (pink) or neutral/warm (yellow) A quick test to help you decide is to think about which colour jewellery suits you. If you wear silver then you are more likely to have a pink undertone ' Bluey Red' lipsticks will suit you. If golds are your thing then you have a yellow undertone and 'Orangey Reds' will look lovely on you.

If you don't wear jewellery look at which colours suit you, blues and greens try 'Bluey Reds' if yellows and oranges look fab then try 'Orangey Reds'

Step 2. Statement or Subtle -  I love a statement lip but I know it's not for everyone and the key to any statement piece is to feel confident wearing them. Matte lipsticks are dense in colour and look great! If you fancy a more subtle look then try a red lip gloss or for more colour try a glossy lipstick. 

Step 3. Lip liners - I've only just got into lip liners and I can't believe the difference! I can create a better shape lip and have more definition in my cupids bows. Also a lip liner can help prevent smudging and colour bleeding. I also noticed that I get longer wear and have to reapply less when I wear lip liner.

That's it! I hope these easy steps on choosing the perfect red lipstick for you has helped. There are so many different shades and brands out there but I hope my steps point you in the right direction. If not **insert sad face** then don't be afraid to ask at the makeup counters, the people working there tend to love makeup and from my experience love nothing more than to talk lipstick colours with you. 


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