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Prestige Flowers Review - Valentine Roses and Thistle Bouquet

Prestige Valentines Roses

Fellas, Valentines Flowers are always a good idea! Never have I ever heard a friend of mine complain they received a beautiful bouquet of roses on Valentines Day, even those who claim to not like flowers! And you don’t even have to set foot outside, get them delivered online, next day! 

Prestige Flowers asked to send me a Luxury Rose and Thistle Bouquet for me to review, I know tough gig but someone has to do it,right?! Obviously I love Roses but Thistles are actually one of my all time favourites and the thorny two compliment each other so much and look absolutely gorgeous in a Valentines bouquet.

Prestige Valentine Roses
Prestige Valentines Roses

My luxury Prestige Valentines flowers were delivered in a flowery and grand box, the roses and thistles were carefully arranged and packaged, all held together in a sleek black gift bag. There was a ‘how to care for’ guide included, who knew to make roses last longer you need to keep them in a cool area. There was also a box of divine chocolate truffles which I demolished straight after photographing!

I was really surprised that ever single rose was perfect, I know that roses are notorious for wilting quickly, but they were delivered with the stems wrapped in a type of material which holds water which doesn't spill everywhere, they were kept so fresh. Even with me playing with and photographing them (and oh boy, did I play with them!) they still looked fab when I did eventually put them in a vase. 

Prestige Valentines Roses
Prestige valentines roses
Prestige Roses and chocolates

The roses and thistle valentines bouquet is a really full good sized bouquet, they filled my favourite vase to the brim and I still had some left over to fill a smaller vase for the mantle - bonus!

Tip, if the man in your life is a bit rubbish at getting valentines gifts shove this very post straight under his nose, with lots of ooh and aaah noises! Or pop over to Prestige Flowers and loudly and clearly point out your favourite bouquet. Heck, why not go all out and send him a direct website link!! ha! ha!

Prestige Valentines Roses

I’m really impressed with my bouquet of flowers and they really brighten up our living room. I will definitely be using Prestige Flowers the next time I want to send flowers to someone in my family or a dear friend, because really who can’t help but smile when they receive a delivery this beautiful.

Prestige Valentine Roses and Thistles
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  1. They are stunning, I love the mix of Thistles and Roses, shall have to send a sneaky link to Ashley x


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