Monday, 13 March 2017

10 Ways to tell if you are in fact a Magic Mum

Moonpig Heyland and whittle candle
Moonpig Heyland & Whittle Candle
With Mother's Day just around the corner, I'm working with Moonpig to uncover all of those Magic Mums out there! Besides already being an awesome mum, chef, taxi driver, teacher, doctor, toy fixer, monster banisher we can also add magicians on our mama CV. We have all sorts of magic tips and tricks up our sleeves to make this thing we call motherhood just that bit easier. Here are 10 ways to tell if you are in fact a Magic Mum:-

moonpig mothers day cards

1. Ability to magic up more hours in a day,  how we manage to squeeze in one afternoon, school pick ups, homework, after school clubs, dinner, baths and story times! I will never know!

2. Create the illusion of a clean house, those spontaneous play days where you have 15 minutes to do a whole week worth of house work. We hoover the bits which can be seen, shove dirty plates and mugs into the dishwasher and stuff those pants currently drying on the radiator into the airing cupboard. I swear, my best work out all week!

3. Make Vegetables Disappear,  finely dicing, blending and pureeing those vegetables and hiding them into sauces so the kids will never know.

4. Sense an Argument before it Even Happens, we know that if you give one child 9 smarties made up of 3 blue, 3 green, 2 red and 1 orange you sure as hell better make sure their sibling has EXACTLY the same.

5. Always have a Magic Bag of Tricks, also know as your handbag which will always contain, wet wipes, a drink, a snack and at least three forms of entertainment.
Moonpig mothers day bath bombs
Miss Patisseries Bath Fizzer Collection

6. Camera Trickery, if you have more than one child and you manage to get all children looking in the same direction, smiling with their eyes open and without a finger up their nose then you must be using witchcraft!

7. Costume Wizardry, being able to make a costume the night before made purely out of things found in your kitchen!

8. Tricking Yourself, we are so good at illusions that we somehow manage to trick ourselves that baking and glitter crafts are a good idea!

9. Mind Reader, being able to tell if they are happy, sad, upset, scared, nervous or excited without them having to utter a single word.

10. Magic Kiss, my favourite Magic Mum magical powers of all! Being able to kiss away the pain of a scraped knee or being able to cuddle away a bad day.

So this Mother's Day, remember that you are in fact a Magic Mum! May your day start with a lie in, that you are given a lovely card with feeling and are showered with Mother's Day gifts you really want!

I would love to hear your Magic Mum tricks, come join me for a Moonpig Magic Mum Twitter Party on Thursday 23rd March. Just share your tips and tricks using the hashtag #MagicMum for the chance to win a Moonpig Mother's Day Gift! (five gifts up for grabs!)

moonpig mothers day colouring set gift
Vive Le Colour Serenity Colouring Set / Lily Flame Candle
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  1. Love this list, I feel totally like a Magic Mum now xx

  2. Haha I love this. Here I was thinking I was just winging it and all along I'm a Magic Mum - good call ;) x


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