Tuesday, 7 March 2017

An Edinburgh City Break with Children

Over the half term holiday we spent a few days in Edinburgh with the Little Lads, neither myself or The Mister have ever been before and have always wanted to go. We had visions of cosy restaurants, lots of long walks sight seeing and cheeky hot toddys. But who were we  kidding? Beaux complained his legs ached after 10 minutes of walking, Tiger thinks restaurants are so boooooring and while we managed to visit some lovely Scottish pubs a few times, they came with fizzy drinks and crisp snacks as bribery. We soon realised we were going to have to be a little more organised and plan a few proper days out that the little lads would enjoy too.

We stayed at the the Apex Waterloo a lovely family friendly hotel right in the heart of Edinburgh on Princes Street, it was in such a fantastic location only a 15 minute walk from Edinburgh Castle, New Town for shopping and sweet little restaurants and close to Old Town for amazing architecture.

For the first couple of days we got to know our surrounding eating in restaurants, trying out Haggis, Neeps and Tatties (I'm not a fan but The Mister loved it!) and strolling up Carlton Hill to check out the view, luckily these were all in kid friendly walking distance from the Apex Waterloo Hotel.

We really took our time exploring the local area and enjoying the hotel facilities (mainly the swimming pool) before we set off for days out. Our first stop was the National Museum of Scotland this was hands down the best museum we have taken the Little Lads to, huge animals displays, it was so interactive that no one had a chance to get bored, we were there for hours. I couldn't believe it was free entry and only a 20 minute walk from our hotel.

At Beaux's request we visited Edinburgh Zoo, it was huge and I hadn't expected to do so much walking. Lots of the trails were up quite big hills, but there was always plenty of animals to see along the way which meant minimum complaining from the little lads and my Fitbit was absolutely loving me!

We also went to Camera Obscura a fantastic museum of illusions, they are so confident that you will love it that they say if you don't have a good time they will give you a full refund! Well we didn't get our money back! It is right next to Edinburgh Castle, which unfortunately we didn't actually get to visit. We walked outside but Beaux was feeling a bit poorly so we headed back to our hotel.

One of my favourite things about holidays is eating out! There were loads of family friendly restaurants, except one! (well kind of) A sign outside of the pub said "well behaved children welcome" The Mister read the sign out loud and Beaux suggested himself "maybe we should go somewhere else!" He did make me laugh and we went somewhere else!

Overall we had an amazing time, I sometimes feel that with school, after school clubs and busy weekends that I don't spend enough time with Tiger. With Beaux a little under the weather and spending a lot of time on The Mister's shoulders I felt like I spent some really good time with Tiger. Since coming home I really notice the difference in our relationship, I feel like our holiday in Edinburgh was just what we needed.


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  1. Wow looks like you had such an amazing time, I really want to go to Scotland xx


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