Saturday, 15 April 2017

Introducing MWNCI & Co for Monochrome Lovers

MWCI & Co Sweaters
Although we've had a few nice sunny days under our belts we must remain calm and remember that it is still only April and this is England! I always remember to keep a few sweaters and hooded jumpers in the Little Lads wardrobes for those chilly days.

I love the Little Lads in black, firstly because it looks pretty damn cool! And secondly it doesn't show all of the grubbiness of the day, so I'm a bit head over heels about these sweaters MWNCI & Co have sent to us.

MWNCI & Co jumpers

MWNCI & Co is a fun, unisex children's wear online boutique. If you love monochrome, slogan tees and crisp geometric designs you will adore MWNCI & Co.

EVERYTHING sold on MWNCI & Co is monochrome and better yet unisex, they have a cool collection of t-shirts, sweaters and rompers. MWNCI & Co have recently released this Geometric Panda T-shirt which I think would look awesome on Beaux.

Kid you will move mountains sweater

The sweaters are lovely and soft and have passed the itch test by both Little Lads. MWNCI & Co believe in supplying high quality clothes which have been ethnically and responsibly sourced. These sweater will last the test of time and Beaux is looking forward to being a 'Kool Thing' when his big brother has grown out of his sweater!



  1. These are gorgeous! I love stuff like this for kids, there's really not enough simple, stylish stuff around and def not enough black sweatshirts - I want ones in my size too please!

  2. Such cool sweaters, and I love the fact that they are ethically sourced! Your kids are so cute xxx

  3. Love these and the idea of entirely unisex clothing, having a boy/girl/boy/girl pattern this would be really helpful for hand downs and possibly save me a bit of money. Or give me a good excuse to buy more stylish bits ;) x

  4. Black isn't a colour I have often bought for the Beans but it looks great on your boys for a cool and funky vibe!

  5. Your kids are so 'kool' like their lovely tops! Love the clothes! X


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