Tuesday, 20 June 2017

A Toy Story Family Movie Night

toy story family movie night

Family movie night has become a bit of a tradition for us, almost every weekend we take it in turns to choose a film, get lots of sweetie treats and snacks, snuggle up on the sofa and watch the film together.

This weekend we watched Toy Story, a classic and a firm favourite for everyone in our family. I remember first watching it with my youngest brother, can you believe the original Toy Story is over 20 years old! Then watching it again with Violet ten years later, next with Tiger and finally then with Beaux, I must have seen it a million times but it never gets old.

Toy Story really is timeless and every one of our children have loved and become obsessed with it after watching the first film. We have a huge and pretty impressive collection of Thinkway Toy Story toys and even have some of the rarer character figures.

Our Woody and Buzz are very well played with so the Little Lads were delighted to be sent these shiny new ones from B&M who have a great selection of Toy Story toys.

This Buzz Lightyear has the 'karate chop motion action' like the Buzz Lightyear from the original Toy Story film so he has been really popular in our family.
toy story movie night
Toy Story Toys | Toy Story DVD | Movie Night Kit | Blanket from B&M
toy story toys

The family movie night wouldn't be complete without the treats and snacks, B&M do a fantastic Movie Night Kit. I was really impressed with it, for only £4.99 it contained two bags of Butterkist popcorn and a huge box of retro pick n mix sweets, which I thought was fantastic value.

It was more than enough sweet treats for our family of five, we even had some sweets left over for another day.

family movie night

toy story movie night

toy story family movie night

I think Toy Story was the first animation made with both children and adult viewers in mind. We have loved each and every single Toy Story movie and we can't wait for the release of Toy story 4 in 2019.

I hope they keep Bonnie (the little girl who Andy gave his beloved toy to when he left for college in Toy Story 3) and introduce some new toys to the squad. I can't imagine what the new story line will be about but it would be great if it was based on a holiday and the toy were introduced to toys from a different culture.

If you love Toy Story as much as we do, come and join me for a Thinkway and B&M Twitter party on the 27th June at 1-2.30pm where we will be chatting about our love for Toy Story and a chance to win prizes!

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