Saturday, 3 June 2017

Bargain Designer Sunglasses

ray ban discounted sunglasses

Sunglasses are my weakness and my moto is the bigger, the more unusual, the better! Some women have a cupboard full of handbags but for me it is sunglasses! I have a trunk (yes trunk) full of them! I never get EVER get rid of the them, they are definitely my thing! So when Smart Buy Glasses asked me to become an ambassador for them it was obviously a match made in heaven!

One thing my collection is missing is designer sunglasses, yes I am happy with and love some of my high street sunglasses but since having these Ray Ban sunglasses I have really noticed the difference, I don't squint when its really sunny, I feel like they are actually protecting my eyes. I won't lie, I can't say I have ever checked the UV protection on sunglasses I purely chose them based on their style but I was shocked at the difference.

junior ray ban
wooden ray ban

Smart Buy Sunglasses offer a HUGE range of affordable designer sunglasses with loads of brands to choose from, I have always loved Ray Ban classic Wayfarers but I have had my beady eyes on these wooden Ray Ban for a while and just had to have them! They were an absolute find with a massive 70% discount off the price too!

I just couldn't resist getting the Little Lads these colourful junior Ray Ban , could they be any cooler?! They really are lovely quality and fit their faces perfectly.

smart buy designer sunglasses

If you are looking for a pair of designer sunglasses and like to feel like you've found yourself a bargain Smart Buy Glasses is definitely worth a scroll, there are hundreds of designer glasses to choose from! The only difficulty is deciding which ones to choose!

The Mister was a bit grumpy that he didn't get a pair of Ray Ban too, he wants to be in our Ray Ban gang! So a pair of Wayfarers are on his Father's Day gift list!



  1. Love these glasses, you all look fabulous. I'll definately be checking them out xx#whatmamaworemonday

  2. Love the shades! You're one stylish mama! Thanks for joining in today lovely #whatmamaworemonday xx

  3. I have not seen those type of Ray Bans before, I LOVE them! Coming over from #whatmamaworemonday <3

  4. Looking good you 3!! I feel sorry for Mr Likely too, hope he gets a good pair for Father's Day! ha! Love your style lady!! Mwah!


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